Katz on Ledo

dave@friarblog —  August 2nd, 2012 7:37 AM —  Comments
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Andy Katz had some quick thoughts about Ricky Ledo in his “Three Point Shot” blog post when referencing the Friars trying to get Jake O’Brien.

ESPN: 3-point shot: Teams seek O’Brien’s services

Meanwhile, PC coach Ed Cooley is dealing with a more pressing matter. He’s hoping that star recruit Ricky Ledo can get a waiver to play or at least be on campus this season as his academic reports go through the Eligibility Center. Cooley would take Ledo on campus, even if he’s not eligible. Kansas had a similar situation with a stud recruit last season when Ben McLemore didn’t get eligible but was at least on campus and around the team last season to learn the system and adapt to the program. Ledo, who has lacked stability during his career, would benefit from being in one place for a few seasons.

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