Ricky Ledo Decision Coming This Week?

dave@friarblog —  August 13th, 2012 11:11 PM —  Comments
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Hold on to your effin’ hats Friartown, because this week could determine which direction this season goes. Multiple sources are saying that the NCAA’s decision on Ricardo Ledo’s status could come as early as this week. Are you enjoying your summer so far? Well, it’s either going to come crashing to a sudden halt or erupt into a furious celebration filled with giant sighs of relief. It’s all up to the whims of the NCAA Clearinghouse, so hopefully Mr. NCAA-Eligibility-Approver-Guy is having a good day when Ledo’s papers need a final stamp of approval.

Scott Cordischi of GoLocalProv laid out the different scenarios depending on the ruling, including:

If there is no ruling by the time the fall semester starts at PC or if he is ruled a non-qualifier, Ledo and his family will also have to decide what would be their best course of action. It is likely that he would attend junior college which could potentially open up a whole new can or worms. Interestingly enough, Ledo has been playing this summer at CCRI with some of the Knights men’s basketball players who made it all the way to the NJCAA Division 2 National Championship last season. Would that familiarity with players like the talented Desmond Williams be enough to persuade Ledo to attend CCRI? Who knows? Let’s also remember that Ledo may, in fact, also want to stay close to home to play in front of family and friends which could also help a program like CCRI land him. However, there will be other marquee junior college programs like a Monroe Community College in New York that would likely make a strong run at him too.

Hopefully it will not turn to that. Let’s just hope we hear *something* one way or another in a timely fashion so he isn’t forced to leave Providence College behind.


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  1. Kevin Mac says:

    Obvious he didn’t get the waiver and is going to CCRI if not he would of been practicing on the PC Campus this summer and the Knights.