10 Things To Do To Distract You From Waiting on the Ricky Ledo Ruling

dave@friarblog —  August 16th, 2012 7:56 AM —  Comments
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Any moment now, we could be hearing of Ricky Ledo’s fate for this season from the NCAA. According to Kevin McNamara of the Providence Journal, Ledo is waiting and hoping. Ed Cooley, much like all of Friartown, is hoping too.

PC coach Ed Cooley is also waiting to see how things unfold. “I’m still hoping,” Cooley said. “I don’t know if it’s hoping against hope but I have zero feel for it. We’ll see.”

Me? Well I can’t stop thinking about the eventual decision, and it’s starting to drive me somewhat nuts. Every time I ponder what could happen either way the NCAA decides to go, my stomach begins to feel a little queazy. If you are in the same boat, I’ve created a little list of the Top 10 Things to do to distract you from waiting on the ruling.

1. Photoshop Tyler Harris and Carson Desrosiers in Friar uniforms. Both home and away jerseys preferable.

2. Apply for Villanova assistant coach job. First spend some time researching what college team you would like to pretend to have played basketball at.

3. Find two buddies. Recreate this picture of Batts and Kofane (via Brice Kofane’s Instagram):


4. Try a jiu jitsu class. When in a chokehold, refuse to tap out. Black out. Wake up after decision is announced.

5. Start studying science. Find a way to heal and rehab Kris Dunn’s shoulder quicker.

6. Become familiar with all of PC’s 2013 and 2014 targets.

7. Watch this full game recorded by the Basketball Diary. It’s a 2012 Nike Pro City game, and Geoff McDermott plays in it. You can watch and see if he CARRIES THE TORCH.

8. Come up with a new formula to predict the NCAA leader in assists. This guy has Vincent Council. Smart guy.

1.Vincent Council SR Providence 2011 Apg 7.5 Council is my favorite to lead the nation in assists in 2012-13. #Friars
Tony Patelis

9. Can you name all 44 Friar players with over 1,000 career points without looking? Try my Sporcle quiz. You got 20 minutes. Let me know what you score in the comments.

10. Tweet things at Coach Cooley @CoachCooleyPC, who has started to use Twitter about once a day for the past week.

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