Sick of Repetitive Ricky Ledo Articles? Try One Devoid of English!

dave@friarblog —  August 19th, 2012 11:11 PM —  Comments
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In searching for some new Ricky Ledo news around the darkest corners of the Internet (aka Twitter search), I came across an article that seemed normal from the text in the Tweet. However, once I clicked on the post from the so-called “The Sports Junkie”, I had a lot of laughs since the contents were obviously hilariously translated from another language and back.

Elite Providence partisan Ricardo Ledo available statute on eligibility

Here are some of the gems:

But Dunn, ranked by as a No. 16 actor in a category of 2012, will be out until during slightest December and might skip a whole season after undergoing shoulder medicine over a summer.

Sweet, so while Dunn recovers from his “shoulder medicine” he can participate in some Theatre performances at Providence College.

Ledo needs to find out how a NCAA Eligibility Center manners on his high propagandize transcript, that shows he change among 4 high schools in 5 years, thar Providence Journal reports. He could be ruled a non-qualifier, definition he would not be authorised to play, use or accept jaunty aid.

When I applied to schools, I didn’t even dream of getting jaunty aid!

“I’m anticipating for a best. we unequivocally haven’t talked about what could occur if it doesn’t work out for me,” Ledo said.

That second sentence actually sounds reasonable.

Providence manager Ed Cooley also pronounced he be carefree things will work out. “I don’t know if it’s anticipating opposite wish though we have 0 feel for it. We’ll see.”

I like how we are adopting the Major League Baseball use of manager instead of coach. Does that mean Ed Cooley will have to wear a uniform on the sidelines? Well, at least “he be carefree”.

Thar 6-6 Ledo be deliberate one of a best scorers in this year’s recruiting class, and alighting him was a manoeuvre for Cooley, who be entering his second season as conduct coach.

Conduct coach! Ha!

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