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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place.

linkGoLocalProv: PC at Brown – The Toughest Ticket In Town!

This year the Friars will be playing Brown in their 2,800 capacity building. C’MON BROWN!

How did the game wind up at Brown? “It’s my understanding that Providence called us because they had an imbalance in their schedule as far as home and road games so they asked us if they could play at Brown this year,” said Bears’ first-year head coach Mike Martin.

Needless to say, Martin is thrilled with the idea of having the Friars inside the Bears’ den. “This will be a great night for our program being able to host Providence at Brown,” he said. “We wish our students could be on campus to enjoy it too, but none-the-less it should be a great atmosphere and environment that our players will enjoy.” Help Us Grow Our Friar Family

I am not a season ticket holder, but feel free to submit my name. I like getting phone calls!

Providence College Athletics is implementing a new season ticket referral program. With your help, we can bring this program to National prominence and grow our Friar family.

Any current season ticket holder who submits names of friends, family, or neighbors whom they believe belong in the Providence College Athletic Family will be rewarded.

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friarblog: “How can we stir the pot today?”

friarblog: “I heard Ledo was seen on his phone looking up plane tickets to Germany!”

WarriorFriar: ”ledo is headed to the court at providence…place mall”

WarriorFriar: “ledo is geared up to head to the dunk…in donuts a block away from him. loves that mocha iced coffee!”

WarriorFriar: ”ledo last seen with the friars finding out he’s eligible…to get to heaven” MarShon Brooks going to Russia to help run basketball camp

In Soviet Russia, basketball camps run you!

MarShon Brooks, the Nets’ second-year guard, will be going to Russia next month as part of the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders program, to help run a weeklong camp for 50 top teenaged European prospects.

picture@PCAthletics: Alumni Hall Picture

Progressing nicely


twitter-bird-white-on-blue Adam Zagoria Twitter

Interesting, expect Ed Cooley to make a bunch of trips there once again this season.

Former Indiana commit Ron Patterson will attend @ this season, per @
Adam Zagoria

linkESPN: Introducing the 50 in 50 series

ESPN is ranking the Top 50 teams over the last 50 years based on a scoring system built around categories such as NCAA Tournament finishes, winning percentage, conference titles, and players drafted in the NBA. Will the Friars make the list on their 2 Final Fours and 4 Elite 8′s? The last decade has been pretty rough. They have already revealed numbers 36-50, but I’m not quite sure what to make of it. Boston College was #50, St. John’s and Florida tied for #40, and Weber State #39. I don’t really feel like trying to project our points compared to with what has already been revealed, so I’ll guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Much like the last decade, I’m afraid the Friars are going to come up empty.

But the bottom line is this: Success — success no matter which conference you’re in — is rewarded in the 50 in 50 series. You will see a number of mid-major programs on here and that may surprise you. But they are programs that have racked up an enormous amount of wins and conference titles over the years. Maybe they haven’t appeared on television as much as a decent program from a big conference that didn’t make the cut, but they have been wildly successful at their level — and we’ve noticed.

youtubeThe Basketball Diary: 2012 NIKE PRO CITY | The Franchise Vs Big Apple Basketball

Former Friar Jamel Thomas plays in this. He’s number 25 on the purple team.

linkFriar Basketball: “20 in 60″: #19 Who Emerges in Next Phase of Big East?

Please lord, let it be us.

The first year after realignment the Friars finished 12-15, and 5-11 in the conference – landing them in a three way tie for 15th.  The results since that first year?

2006-07: 18-12, 8-8 in conference, 10th place

2007-08: 15-16, 6-12, 12th place

2008-09: 19-13, 10-8, 8th place

2009-10: 12-19, 4-14, 15th place

2010-11: 15-17, 4-14, 14th place

2011-12: 15-17, 4-14, 15th place

linkNew York Post: Hoops hold key for Big East TV deal

MSG, biatches!

Sources told The Post the Big East and the Garden are close to agreeing on a 10-year extension that will keep the league in the mecca of college basketball through the 2026 season.

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