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Day 9 of the Ledo Wait (It’s probably been longer, but last week I feel we’ve heard it could be coming): My body is feeling weak. I’m hungry and just want water. I’m becoming irritable to those around me.

linkESPN: 3-point shot: Northeastern stuffs schedule

Speaking of Ricky Ledo, I missed this little nugget in one of Andy Katz’s blog posts yesterday.

Purvis is one of the three highest profile incoming freshmen still not cleared to play this season. He probably rates second on most important overall behind UCLA’s Shabazz Muhammad and ahead of Providence’s Ricky Ledo. The Wolfpack need Purvis’ ability to score but can live without him if need be due to the overall depth and talent returning and arriving. The Bruins need Muhammad’s motor and skill set to overtake Arizona and Stanford in the Pac-12 and be a legit player in the Final Four chase. Muhammad is being held out from UCLA’s trip to China as the NCAA examines potential extra benefits by a third party. Ledo was a reach to be academically eligible at PC after attending multiple high schools. Coach Ed Cooley knew this from the moment he signed him. The Friars are a lower level Big East team this season so Ledo’s arrival wouldn’t change the outcome much at all.

Ouch, Andy. You mean the Friars are so bad that a TOP 25 recruit who happens to be one of the most talented scorers coming in this year would not help the Friars in any way whatsoever? It’s not like he would be able to play and excel with one of the most talented point guards in the nation or anything. With Kris Dunn hurt right now, Ledo not only would add much need depth, but would make a huge difference in PC’s offensive firepower. Man, back in the Tim Welsh days, Andy Katz always seemed to pull for the Friars. Maybe he just needs to spend more time with Coach Cooley.

imTwitter Chat:

John Infante, who runs the Bylaw Blog on and is an NCAA expert for Athnet, was kind enough to field some questions on Twitter regarding Ledo’s status.

@friarblog: @John_Infante what’s your take on the 8 semester rule and what Ledo has pending?

@John_Infante: @friarblog Please hold while I educate myself on Ledo a bit.

@John_Infante: @friarblog Ok, is it known that Ledo did not meet the 8 semester rule? Or did he just not graduate after 8 semesters?

@John_Infante @friarblog If he finished his 16 core courses (which is tough if he repeated a year) in four years, he can graduate in five with no problem.

@friarblog: @John_Infante I’l be honest a lot of info is thrown around so not 100% sure. I was under the impress he didn’t get the core in 4 years

@John_Infante: @friarblog The way waivers work nowadays, GPA and test score get a lot more important.

@John_Infante: @friarblog So if he didn’t finish the 16 courses in 4 years but did in 5 and had a good (not just adequate) GPA and SAT, he has a shot

twitter-bird-white-on-blue Adam Zagoria Twitter:

Two big Friar targets for 2014 just got offers from Kansas State.

Kansas State has offered 2014s Jared Terrell and Abdul Malik Abu of Expressions, per their AAU coach.
Adam Zagoria

linkCBS Sports: Critical Coaches: Which player had the dirtiest recruitment?

Friartown was dissappointed this past spring when numerous big men turned down Ed Cooley and the Friars. Were they not interested in what Cooley had to offer, or was something else fishy going on? CBS polled coaches anonomously and came up with the 10 dirtiest recruitements over the past 10 years. Interestingly enough, Chris Obekpa comes in at number 10, and JaKarr Sampson gets an honorable mention. A little shocked that Nerlens Noel is not on the list, but not these big men that comitted to Steve Lavin and St. John’s. Oh, and Tyler Harris’ big bro Tobias? *Looks away*

The question is: Which player is perceived to have the dirtiest recruitment in the last 10 years?
• Shabazz Muhammad: 15 percent
• Anthony Davis: 13 percent
• John Wall: 7 percent
• Kyle Anderson: 7 percent
• O.J. Mayo: 7 percent
• Derrick Rose: 6 percent
• Renardo Sidney: 6 percent
• Terrence Jones: 3 percent
• Tobias Harris: 3 percent
• Chris Obekpa: 3 percent

linkSports Illustrated: NCAA expanding inquiry into top Kentucky recruit Nerlens Noel

So Noel avoided being named a dirty recruit by CBS, but later this afternoon Pete Thamel of SI reported that the NCAA was going to look into his recruitement

The NCAA has expanded its inquiry into Kentucky freshman Nerlens Noel, one of the nation’s top recruits in the class of 2012, as two NCAA enforcement officials traveled to Noel’s New Hampshire prep school for a three-hour meeting in early August. The NCAA’s questions focused on the cast of characters that surrounded Noel’s recruitment and how Noel paid for his unofficial visits, according to a person with knowledge of the NCAA inquiry.

After reading Thamel’s story about Noel in the spring, sounds like they will find plenty. Not according to Dick Vitale, who obviously doesn’t have a subscription to the New York Times or the internet.

twitter-bird-white-on-blue #pcbb fan Tweet

It’s really getting out of control. We need a decision!

@ I think we'll find Tupac in Cuba before we hear news on Ledo's eligibility unfortunately. What's the wait for though?!
Nick Soares

linkGoLocalProv: Scott Cordischi On Sports: NFL Needs To Stop The Foolishness

Not much Friar talk here other than a little jab at the NCAA. Snails he says!

Not that we know about Ledo’s eligibility yet. I’ve seen snails move faster than the NCAA clearinghouse.

twitter-bird-white-on-blue @PCAthletics Tweet:

The Athletic Department wants you to cast your vote for the name of the new inflatable Friar. I think I’m partial to BigDom.

Poll: What should we name the inflatable Friar? Cast your vote! Reply w/ #FriarFillup #AirFriar #BigDom or #Dominic
Providence Friars PC

question QUESTION for YOU:

How are you dealing with waiting on the Ricky Ledo decision? Any compulsive web site habits forming?



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