Josh Brown to Announce Decision on Monday, PC in Final Four

dave@friarblog —  August 23rd, 2012 6:18 PM —  Comments
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The recruiting buzz this August is considerably different than last year for Ed Cooley and the Friars. While no one of Dunn or Ledo’s caliber that PC is targeting for the 2013 class seems to be on the horizon (Tyler Harris and Carson Desrosiers are great transfer additions don’t forget), Cooley has the chance for his first true pickup in next year’s class. Josh Brown, who Jon Rothstein has called “the next John Linehan” (which would be pretty hard to live up to), will make his decision on Monday according to The Recruit Scoop.

The 6’2″ shooting guard from St. Anthony’s in Jersey City will decide between Providence, URI, Penn State, and Temple. The same St. Anthony’s coached by Bobby Hurley Sr., who happens to be new URI coach Danny Hurley’s dad. Lame. Brown previously was committed to Temple last year (which he called his “dream school“), so sounds like the Friars are going to have to really stand out. At least Ed Cooley will have last licks here, as Brown will head to Providence tomorrow for his visit. Come on EC, let’s get some revenge on Temple for getting Jake O’Brien, and keep this kid from joining the dark side of RI!

Here is ESPN’s scouting report on Brown

Brown is a long lefty with a terrific basketball body. Quick and athletic with long muscle tone, he is explosive with his dribble in the open court but equally dependable with his first step in the quarter court. He’s capable of going to both directions with his bounce, knows how to use his body to shield off defenders, and shows glimpses of a passer’s instincts in drive and kick or pick and roll action. Brown also has all the tools to be an excellent on the ball defender.
Brown is an attacking southpaw who plays primarily on the wing during the high school season but has the ball in his hands on the grassroots circuit. He either needs to continue to transform his game into that of a true point guard or become a more consistent shooter off the catch. He can make a shot when in rhythm but releases the ball in front of his face.
Bottom Line:
Regardless of what position he plays, Brown is a guy who can make plays for himself and others with the ball in his hands as well as lock down opposing scorers on the defensive end. A more consistent jumper would only make him that much more dangerous.

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