Celebrate Ryan Gomes’ 30th Birthday

dave@friarblog —  August 28th, 2012 9:32 PM —  Comments
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Former Friar Ryan Gomes may be between jobs in the NBA, but it’s not stopping him from celebrating his 30th birthday in style featuring a “Night with the NBA”. On Saturday, September 8th, Ryan is holding his bash at the Silk Lounge in Hartford, CT chock full of elite NBA talent and BASKETBALL WIVES. Check out the online flyer below. I first viewed this pic on my phone and thought the guy over his shoulder was a slightly pudgier Vinnie from the Jersey Shore. But alas, it is world famous DJ Kid Kapri. I may sound a little old here and out of touch with what the kids are listening to these days, but I’m not entirely sure who that is. Sounds fun though.

It appears that anyone can go to this shindig, as tickets are available for $20 over at Eventbrite.

Last year, Gomes held a similar party in early September that ended tragically for one of his friends. TJ Mathis, a semi-pro basketball player who played on Gomes’ Greater Hartford Pro Am team, was murdered after driving home late that night. An awesome New Haven cop ended up catching the SOB who committed this awful act this past May.


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    and of course kid capri, yea i be puttin it on!!!!!!!!!