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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place.

link Providence Journal: Ledo on PC campus for orientation; no NCAA word yet

Here is Kevin’s take on the Ledo stuff from this afternoon, including a Friarblog shoutout in the Projo!

For the record, the NCAA has NOT made a ruling on Ledo’s case. Many PC people were hoping definitive word would come down earlier this week but not yet. PC and the NCAA have been in steady communication about Ledo’s eligibility waiver for the last few weeks and everyone is hoping for a final decision by the end of this week.

picture DavidPreston_ Tweet

@PCAthletics on Twitter has been asking some trivia questions lately. Yesterday they asked who the Friars defeated in the Blizzard of ’78. I knew the answer was North Carolina, but tweeter David Preston went one step further and provided the actual ticket stub from the game! To think you could get a ticket for a THIRD of the price of a beer at The Dunk these days…


link Sheridan Hoops: Nets’ MarShon Brooks targeting Sixth Man Award

Ah, nothing like a little shot at PC in a Marshon Brooks article. Can’t argue with the irrelevancy unfortunately.

But Brooks has remained under the radar, mostly because he’s played for teams that have been generally irrelevant – Providence College and the New Jersey Nets.

Now, as the Nets prepare to begin their run in Brooklyn, Brooks’ play may become impossible to ignore.

Brooks had a solid rookie season, finishing third in scoring among first-year players at 12.6 points per game and being named to the All-Rookie Second Team. He struggled to stay on the court at times, mostly because coach Avery Johnson was less than impressed with his defense.

twitter-bird-white-on-blue Kevin McNamara Tweet

Apparently there was some scuttlebutt about not playing Bryant this season. Well you can kiss that RPI relief goodbye according to Kevin McNamara.

Contrary to Bryant release, the Bulldogs will face Providence this season. Date not set, waiting on release of Big East schedule.
Kevin McNamara

picture Carson Desrosiers locker photo

Kiwi Gardner was supposed to wear #33, so might as well use it. The last Friar to wear that number was Chuck Birch in 2007-8. Nothing against Charles who was a hardworking dude, but there’s lots of room from improvement. Before that, we had High Flyin’ Rob Sanders and his unnecessary-but awesome mother of all dunks (MOAD) as late as 2004. Jamel Thomas is probably the most prominent #33 to wear the Black and White, so Carson will have his work cut out in order to take the reigns of the 33.


linkCBS New York: Rothstein Files: Heath Hoping Bulls Can Remain In NCAA Contention

Gotta scout the competition. Unfortunately, that Noriega guy is still on the team, and destined to Reggie Miller us again. Damn that guy.

South Florida is loaded with wings but lacks legitimate depth on the interior, something that was critical in getting the Bulls into the field of 68 last March. Veteran big man Toarlyn Fitzpatrick, whom Heath called “the key guy on our front line” and Florida Atlantic transfer Kore White are the only two experienced big men on South Florida’s roster.

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