Ricky Ledo Will Not Play This Season, But Joins PC Super Practice Squad

dave@friarblog —  September 5th, 2012 9:30 PM —  Comments
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rec_e_ledo_5761-300x168After weeks and weeks of days where everyone thought “Today we will definitely find out of Ricky can play this year!”, today was finally the day Friartown heard from Ed Cooley about the NCAA’s decision.

Kevin McNamara of the Providence Journal first reported the news late this afternoon.

Ricky Ledo can practice, but not play, at PC as a freshman

The NCAA’s ruling allows Ledo to be on scholarship and practice with the Friars but not play in games in his freshman season. Ledo began classes at PC this week and all indications are he’ll remain at the school under the no-games restriction and play for the Friars in 2013-14.

The NCAA cannot comment on eligibility rulings. Providence College coach Ed Cooley said Ledo “is in good spirits. He’s appreciative of being here but he knows he has work to do. This is a great opportunity for Ricky.”

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While obviously a big blow for this season with a roster that is now looking incredibly thin for the out of conference portion of the schedule, the potential for next year assuming Ledo does stay on looks incredible. Everyone knows that the front court has been PC’s weakness the last few years, and would be still a question even with the expected recruiting class. Next year Ledo could join Kris Dunn, Ice Cotton, and Josh Fortune in the back court, with a front court consisting of LaDontae Henton, Kadeem Batts, Brice Kofane, Carson Desrosiers, and Tyler Harris. Friar fans wanted to see Ledo on the court to help steal some games this season, but moving to next year could create a really dangerous team. Stay patient, Friartown.

What’s also crazy is to think that in late December when Kris Dunn is able to start getting the cobwebs off his healing shoulder before appearing in games, the scrimmages in Alumni will be the following:

Team Eligible

Starters: Vincent Council, Bryce Cotton, LaDontae Henton, Kadeem Batts, Brice Kofane

Bench: Josh Fortune, Lee Goldsbrough

Team In Waiting

Starters: Kris Dunn, Ricardo Ledo, Sidiki Johnson, Tyler Harris, Carson Desrosiers

The Team in waiting may want to go easy on the eligible guys, because they are going to be logging some more serious minutes come gametime. Vincent Council and Bryce Cotton, welcome to more 39-40 minute games! You thought you were over with this, didn’t you? Josh Fortune, I hope you are in shape my friend.

@ There are more 40's in the MP column of Vincent Council's career game log than there are in most liquor stores.
Brian Goodman

Of course being Friartown, the question of if Ledo will ever make it to next season will constantly be discussed for an entire year. Despite what Ricky told GoLocalProv yesterday about staying at Providence no matter what, there are still several doubters already (surprise, it’s Jeff Goodman!).

Now we'll see if Ledo sticks on campus or heads overseas or to D-League.
Jeff Goodman
Nobody should be shocked that Ricky Ledo can't play. So don't also be shocked if he doesn't stick around at PC.
Andrew Vitale

It looks like right now he is committed to being a PC freshman, so we’ll have to simply wait and see what the year brings. It won’t be easy, but has it ever been around here? Until then, let’s start to think about enjoying the senior year of the best PG in the BIG EAST, the debut of Kris Dunn, the many future buckets of LaDontae Henton, and lot’s of threes from Ice Cotton.


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