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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place.

link NBA Prospects: Scouting Report: Ricky Ledo

New phrases of terror for Friar fans, “Ricky Ledo” and “NBA Prospects”.

The thing about his efficiency is the kind of shots he takes. He is a high volume shooter who can get up shots from anywhere. When he you can shoot from anywhere, you tend to end up taking some bad shots. Ledo needs to be careful and make sure he doesn’t end up taking a lot of low percentage long 2-pt shots. He also needs to finish better at the rim. As I said, Ledo does a great job penetrating the lane, but blows too many lay-ups. Lack of concentration could be one of the culprits, as he is creative around the rim and gets a lot of hangtime. Ledo isn’t a top level explosive athlete around the rim, but he can be on the receiving end of impressive dunks. He also can finish with both hands. His struggle to finish may also have to involve him trying to be too “cute” at the rim instead of going for the easy finish.

picture RIHoops Tweet

On the flip side, this is awesome. Let’s hope he’s not parlaying these workouts into any overseas gigs.


notes Speaking of Ledo, this guy Ryan Feldman (who used to run The Hoops Report but know works at ESPN) tweeted to me on Friday that he spoke to Kris Dunn’s father. Papa Dunn apparently said he thinks Ledo will go overseas this year so he can get drafted. Not good.

link GoLocalProv: John Rooke – Thinking Out Loud

The Voice of the Friars on Mr. Ledo.

 • It didn’t turn out the way Friar Fans had hoped for, but the NCAA’s decision on Ricky Ledo’s eligibility this week was a logical conclusion to the entire circus. Let’s remember, Ledo didn’t exactly set the world on fire with his academic travels early on in high school, so it’s simple to see the NCAA wants to find out how much he’s actually “invested” in school. It’s a good question…

• Ledo has said the right things, thus far. And he told it is his intent to stay at PC through this year, in order to be eligible next year…while the rumors from so-called “expert” reporters on Twitter and message board posts continue to circulate on his eventual plans, some still suggesting an early entry into the professional ranks. Is it possible to just take him at his word, and let him be a college student this year?

• Unless you’re inside someone’s head, how do you really “know” what someone is going to do? People lie to your face every day. And I ask myself this question every day…

link New York Post: Nets’ Brooks heads to Russia with NBA love

I really hope Marshon returns to the states with two working kneecaps. You don’t want to embarrass RUSSIAN MARK CUBAN.

And, of course, no basketball event in Russia could be complete without a connection to Nets billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov, who intends to show off Moscow to Brooks and his agent, Seth Cohen.

“I’m excited, looking forward to going to Moscow with Seth and representing Nets Nation in our owner’s home country,” said Brooks, who also will attend a formal dinner at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow on the trip.

notes As a New Yorker, I’m always glad any season the Friars make both NJ trips. The Rock and the RAC? I’ll be seeing you this year. Now I have to pick a game to hit up the Dunk. Looks like the Saturday BIG EAST games are DePaul in January (hello watchESPN), Villanova (a strong possibility, but RI in January?), Notre Dame (have we beaten them in the last 15 years?), and St. John’s in early March. I want revenge for having to suffer through the rain and a beatdown in Queens, but it may be tough seeing the damage inflicted of all of those recruits we were so close with.

twitter-bird-white-on-blue JonRothstein Tweet

Bilal Dixon lost 35 pounds? Was that his inner baby? (Heyooooooooo!)

Towson could make a jump in yr 2 under @. 3 key transfers in Mike Burwell, Bilal Dixon(down to 245 from 280),+Jerelle Benimon.
Jon Rothstein

link Friar Basketball: “20 in 60″: #14 Where are the Big East Superstars?

If there was ever a year for a sleeper team to make a run in the Big East this one might be it.  Pages upon pages will be written before and during the 2012-13 season about advanced statistics or coaching acumen, but at the end of the day talent typically trumps all, and when looking around the Big East for the upcoming season it’s easy to ask where the 2013 NBA first rounders are.

youtube The Basketball Diary: Big Bully Geoff McDermott Takes An Alley From Houston Rockets’ Scott Machado At 2012 Dyckman

“Big Bully Geoff McDermott”. One can only assume that Marvin Barnes finally got through to him! I guess he finally TOOK THE TORCH and is now CARRYING THE TORCH.

link ESPN: Big East plans to keep name after all

Obviously they didn’t get my COMPLETELY ORIGINAL suggestion of THE BEAST for a new name. Take me off your junk mail filter, Mr. Aresco.

Aresco shot down speculation the Big East was considering tweaking its name because of its growth to a four time-zone league. Aresco says, “There’s tremendous brand equity built up in the Big East name.”

link College Basketball Talk: Rick Pitino advises against pickup basketball for his team in the offseason

Considering the Friars roster situation right now, I think Ed Cooley should think about the same thing. Actually, I’d advise Vincent Council against leaving his dorm room, typing on his computer, lifting a remote control, or any other activity that could completely derail this season even more.

Considering Louisville’s trouble with injuries last season, Rick Pitino looks to be playing more of the protector role than the spoiler of fun when he discouraged his players from participating in pickup games.

Not only protector of fresh legs, but protector of fundamentals, as well.

“I said I don’t want you playing pickup basketball, because that’s how you regress,” Pitino told Eric Crawford of WDRB. “I said I’d rather you play one-on-one basketball, with these rules — games of five. If you play games of five you’re playing hard on offense, hard on defense, winners come on.”

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  1. Friarman12 says:

    I think Cooley is going to miss Bilal this year…he should’ve done more to keep him

    1. PaulXO says:

      Are you serious guy? And PC should have done more to keep Keno Davis around?