Notre Dame Bolts to ACC

dave@friarblog —  September 12th, 2012 6:14 PM —  Comments
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I dislike Notre Dame. I dislike their endless supply of big, goofy white forwards who always seem to pile up individual hardware. I dislike Mike Brey and his endless supply of mock turtlenecks coaching teams with low expectations to the top of the standings. I dislike the Notre Dame male cheerleader who tried to get in my face at the BIG EAST Tournament several years ago because I said something derogatory toward ND and added “You’re a male cheerleader” after his rebuttal. As a BIG EAST fan, I’ve learned to live with these things as long as it helped build the brand of BIG EAST basketball. Well, almost a year since the fleeing of Syracuse and Pittsburgh, Notre Dame is helping take down that brand and The Conference That Dave Gavitt Built by joining the ACC.

Notre Dame will join ACC as full member w/exception of football. ND will play 5 football games annually vs. ACC, sources told @
Brett McMurphy

What does this mean for PC? A lot will depend on if there is any other movement from the remaining chess pieces. The conference isn’t dead yeeeeeeeeet, but how many repeated kicks to the face and groin can the conference take? The ACC stated today that there are no plans to add a 16th member, but there has been lots of speculation that a basketball-only school would make sense. Losing Georgetown or St. John’s? Hello Atlantic-10-like conference! Louisville, Rutgers, and UConn have all been spending their day on, so they certainly can’t be trusted to help rebuild things. Will the basketball-only schools decide to finally break away and form a new conference? If these teams that want to bolt don’t have any better short term options, do they look to add another solid basketball program like Xavier? What about UMass?

There is an important TV deal for the BIG EAST coming up that everyone is saying will not be affected, since Notre Dame was not playing football here anyway. But how much stability can that bring assuming it’s financially beneficial for schools like Providence?

For now, PC fans will just have hope the conference can weather another storm, and allow Ed Cooley to continue to grow the program within a highly competitive collection of teams who are all on the same page.

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