Introducing the 2013 Recruiting Board

dave@friarblog —  September 13th, 2012 8:23 PM —  Comments
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In following recruiting, there d seem to be a free, up to date and organized place that keeps track of where players stand with schools. It seems whenever I check one of the big recruiting sites, players that have eliminated the Friars still show up for months after. There are countless message board threads scattered throughout Friartown online, and endless amounts of Tweets that track player offers, lists, and quotes. All I wanted to see was a place that anyone could go to and quickly see exactly where we stood with all of the talented players that Ed Cooley was trying to get.

As a result, I’ve started out this feature by creating the “2013 Recruiting Board“, inspired by various other great team college basketball blogs out there. It’s my first crack at the guys PC is targeting right now, and I think fairly accurate. Any changes or updates are welcome.

The 2013 will not have the same buzz as the Dunn / Ledo hysteria of the summer of the 2011, but there are some more great pieces to the puzzle for Ed Cooley to pick up. For the first version of the board, click the link below. The 2014 and 2015 versions will come sometime down the road, so look for them as well! These will be a constantly updating and changing, so check back often. Links will be at the top nav, and in the sidebar for ease of access. I will make posts like these to call it out when there are big changes, so don’t worry about missing anything.


Combo guard EC Matthews

2013 Providence Basketball Recruiting Board

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