Gomes Channels His Inner Russell Westbrook

dave@friarblog —  September 14th, 2012 8:48 PM —  Comments
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Pictures from Ryan Gomes’ 30th Birthday Bash are now online for your living vicariously through a former Friar star pleasure. You can view the gallery here.

In the picture below, Ryan seems like he’s trying to enhance his NBA stock a little (he’s currently a free-agent) by going for the Russell Westbrook post-game look. With that white jacket, maybe he’s paying homage to the Friars Club, or secretly was a member in his PC days?? My mom always wanted me to join that (Mom for the last time, I know I would look cute in that jacket, but c’mon!), but the initial campus tour when I was deciding on colleges was enough for me. Plus, I didn’t really want to be in a cult. Love the old granny glasses look, RG.


Seems like Gomes had a great time, especially around these chics below. Don’t worry, his loving wife was also in attendance. Welcome to the 30 club, Ryan!


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