Meet the Parents: Cooley To Get Home Visit for Ron Patterson on Wednesday

dave@friarblog —  September 16th, 2012 11:08 PM —  Comments
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bildeRon Patterson, the former Indiana commit deemed ineligible to play there by the school this season, is now at Brewster Academy with a brand spanking new recruitment. Last week, Ed Cooley showed up at campus, put the moves on him, and offered the 6’2″ shooting guard for a spot in the 2013 class.

Next week, Cooley and Co. are getting an in-home visit with Patterson according to Brewster coach Jason Smith.

The family of Brewster guard Ron Patterson @ has scheduled home visits w/ #Xavier (Mon), #KansasSt (Tue), #Providence (Wed) this week
Jason Smith

Ed Cooley plus a recruit’s parents? Win. As of right now, he has other offers from Kansas State, SMU, and Xavier, with big interest from Villanova, Marquette, and Iowa. Those schools are great and can offer a lot. But you know what they can’t offer? A coach that cares and that your parents love.

Patterson is known for his great defense due to a crazy wingspan, a trait that will endear him instantly within Friartown.

Check out the full update for the status on all of the 2013 targets in the Recruiting Board.

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