How’s Ed Cooley’s Golf Game?

dave@friarblog —  September 20th, 2012 6:23 PM —  Comments
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Ed Cooley is better than me at a lot of things. Judging by his high schools days, he’s better than I ever was at basketball. I’ve never tried to coach a team, but let’s just say he’s got the edge in every aspect of the game. I’m not terribly strong, so I’d imagine he would have no trouble defeating me in arm wrestling, or any sort of combat sport really. Odds that Ed is sneaky good at stuff like ping pong or bocce ball? Strong to quite strong. Well, after watching this video from Cox Sports today, I may have found something I can go toe to toe with him in.

By no means am I any good at the sport of golf, but we would definitely compete for who can slice more shots judging by this footage. However, I would have to constantly deal with Cooley’s trash talking (after Parise comes up very short on a putt, he asks “Is your wife playing with you today?”) and fold like NFL defenses in the 4th quarter against Eli Manning.

Via Cox Sports Online

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