Noah Vonleh Re-Classifies to 2013

dave@friarblog —  September 24th, 2012 2:55 PM —  Comments
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Noah Vonleh 2Dave Telep of ESPN broke the news this afternoon that highly touted big man Noah Vonleh has entered the 2013 class. He was ranked #4 in the 2014 class, and now comes in at #7 overall amongst next year’s crop of players.

CBS reported that “North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Syracuse and Ohio State are among the primary schools in the mix for Vonleh”. However, Ed Cooley should not be counted out right away, as he and his staff have been on him just as hard and have the local connection.

Vonleh visited the Friars along with his teammates from Rivals Basketball Club in June, according to ZagsBlog.

And for now, he’s getting to know the local coaches a little better.

Vonleh visited Providence along with Kaleb Joseph, Matt Cimino, Jeremy Miller, Josh Sharma, Jalen Adams and Mike Leblanc.

Pastore said Vonleh “loves” Providence and “has a good relationship with Ed Cooley.”

Despite the heavy competition among the the big boys, I would imagine PC would still get consideration as the recruitment speeds up. From the ESPN article:

“I’m going to try and make a list of 10-15 schools and see what schools have scholarships open for me in 2013 and see who wants to recruit me,” Vonleh said.

Hey, we have spots open! We just slow played you, URI!

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