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picture Lisa Hashway Tweet

The Friar was spotted on campus today. I know he’s been around for a while, but does he have any eligibility left? We need a live body for the 1st semester. Hit up one Ed Cooley’s workouts, Friar Mascot!


notes What URI did this weekend landing E.C. Matthews and Hassan Martin was great and all, but I think we need to dial it down on the whole Cooley vs. Hurley thing. Matthews is a great get, and URI is giving him the opportunity to play point guard. We have that Kris Dunn guy, remember? Hassan Martin seems like a solid forward, but with Harris and Desrosiers on board for next year, where would he fit in right away? Let’s face it, the Friars have not been winning much for a long time, so it’s going to be tough convincing some of these guys to be role players from the start. Cooley can sell his vision and himself, which is certainly a factor, but the W’s need to come at some point. I have faith that Ed Cooley will fill in the 2013 class with good pieces, setting up for a really big season. That being said, the PC / URI game in Kingston next year is going to be amazing.

notes As if you need any more evidence that Cooley is a hard worker? He attended a 6AM workout at Brewster Academy, including breakfast with Ron Patterson. Let’s hope he brought him some tasty Dunkin’ Donuts. As Kevin Farrahar noted on Twitter, it’s a 3 hour drive to Brewster from Rhode Island.

link Big East basketball lists: Top 5 intra-city games

With 7 scholarship players in the out of conference games, I’d like to think we are not looking past any opponents. Remember what happened in the Bryant game last year? Ice Cotton had to bail them out!

3. Providence at Brown: The Friars better not look past this Dec. 28 game aganst their Ivy League neighbors. Brown returns all five starters, including point guard Sean McGonagill, who led Brown in scoring last year while also leading the Ivy in assists. In addition, Brown gets back 6-8 forward Tucker Halpern, who averaged 12.6 points two years ago but missed last season due to an illness, and adds 6-9 Brazilian native Rafael Maja.

picture AlyonkaLarionov Instagram

Marshon Brooks opened up the new Adidas Brooklyn Nets store at the Barclays Center this morning. I might need to pick up some gear.


twitter-bird-white-on-blue Jon Rothstein Tweet

Woh, Bilal has lot almost 40 pounds. Where was that diet last year man? I blame Slavin fried food.

Former PC big man Bilal Dixon is down to 245 pounds --- looks tremendous. Was 282 when he arrived at Towson. Will start for Tigers at the 5.
Jon Rothstein

notes Coach Cooley was at Worcester Academy on Sunday. Matt Cimino (2014 F) highlights PC’s targets there. Rene Castro also plays there, but it’s not clear how much interest there is for both parties anymore. Also note that the entire team visited Late Night Madness last year.

link The Hoops Report: Top 68 Team Previews: #55 Providence Friars

The legitimacy of this report is a little ruined by the fact that they have Ledo as the projected SF. I guess that’s why they have them ranked #55.

The Friars are a young athletic team and have a very bright future, and they have the ability to upset some teams this year and make an NCAA tournament appearance, but realistically this is a rebuilding year and they should be comfortable with a NIT appearance and should do well in Big East play.

notes Ed Cooley’s favorite two movies are Trading Places and Coach Carter. Can’t really go wrong with old school Eddie Murphy and anything with Samuel L. Jackson and basketball. THE SHARK ATE ME.

link ZagsBlog: Mick Cronin Says It’s Good Syracuse, Others Leaving Big East

#BigEastSolidarity. Actually, Cronin sounds a little whiney here. Isn’t Georgetown still in the BIG EAST? You never know these days, actually.

“Even though you win and you finish ahead of Georgetown last year, you beat them twice, and in the final national poll they’re ranked ahead of you,” Cronin said. “And then they get beat in the first round.

“But name-brand connotation, Big East basketball, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? ‘Big Monday,’ Georgetown vs. Syracuse. It’s nobody’s fault, it just is what it is.

“So the changing of the Big East, it just gives us a chance to plant our flag deeper. And for any team, for the rest of us, that when you do win there’s room in the print for the story because there’s just so many other good teams.

notes New Hampton Prep released a statement today regarding Noah Vonleh moving to 2013. He is going to narrow his list down to 15 schools (geesh) in the next few weeks, and start taking officials in November once he gets his SAT results. Cooley will be in the 15 for sure, but how serious is he about PC nowadays? I guess we’ll find out.

link ESPN: Vonleh’s versatility a hot commodity (insider)

Good writeup on the actual skills of Vonleh, in case the Top 10 ranking didn’t do you any justice.

He grew up playing in the paint because of his height but he has since slowly migrated to the perimeter, which helps him on defense where he is blossoming into an emerging shot blocker. Again, his versatility shines through on D as he can block a shot and run the floor and finish with a monstrous dunk or grab the rebound and lead the break himself. He uses his size and athletic ability to be a game-changer on the glass, especially on the offensive end because he knows he can get second chance points.

notes I was informed who was the brains behind the “LaDontae’s Inferno” T-Shirt. Goes by @ConnKeane on Twitter. Well done my man.

calendar2 On Wednesday, there is a VIP reception with Ed Cooley and Susan Robinson (women’s basketball coach) at Gasbarro’s on Atwells (looks like a wine store?) from 6-8. You can RSVP Julie Ruggieri by 9/25 at 401-865-1576.

picture Kadeem Batts Instagram

It’s sometimes hard to follow along with what the players say on the other social networks, but they really do a great job posting cool stuff on Instagram.


youtube YouTube: Abdul Malik Abu’s Royce White Impersonation Dunkfest

This guys is still 2014, and has to be one of the top targets for Ed Cooley.

notes All game times (except for the Puerto Rico Tip-Off) are now filled in on the schedule. Rutgers at 9PM down in Jersey? Ugh, don’t think I’ll be bringing the little Friar fan to that one.

link GoLocalProv: Big East offices to remain in Providence

Continuing the tradition of the BIG EAST commish loving Providence.

“I do see it (the Big East offices) staying in Providence,” Aresco told GoLocal Sports. “What I think will happen, we’ve talked about a New York presence, and the reason is we’re a national conference now and New York is a media center.  But, I like the office in Providence, I think we’ve got a terrific office there, we’ve got a great staff, there’s no reason to do anything with the main office.”

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  1. Daniel James says:

    who picked some of these game times? 2:00PM for BC? Do you know what time I’m gonna have to wake up in order to get the proper amount of drinking time in? Like 4:15 AM. #ridiculous

    1. friarblog says:

      My senior year we had the BC game at 12. Needless to say there was a lot of morning boozing. I ended up tripping trying to run across the highway, and ripped my jeans.

      1. Daniel James says:

        that’s exactly what i aim for