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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture Deron Williams Instagram

Deron Williams said he was enjoying some popcorn out of “Rook” Marshon Brooks’ car with Reggie Evans. I guess since they technically haven’t started the season yet, Marshon is still considered a rookie? That’s rough. If that was kettle corn though, I would actually be pretty siked to find that in my car. Mmm, salty and sweet. I don’t know if I would be eating it with my shirt off though.


youtube YouTube: Bryce Cotton Ready for 2012 Season

And I am ready for ICE Cotton. We need to get Cox Sports on board with this. Remember when Cotton almost transferred this offseason? That sucked. Cooley keeping him on board was just as good as adding a good recruit IMO.

notes New England Hoops News reported that Florida State is the latest school to offer both Jared Terrell and Abdul-Malik Abu. They don’t know if the two 2014 big prospects are a package deal quite yet, but there are over 10 schools that have offers out to both. PC is one of the schools in hot pursuit, and they have already been on campus for visits.

link ESPN: No MSG bid for future ACC tourneys

This one would have set me over the edge. You can take our opponents who routinely beat us, but you best not take away my annual trip to MSG for a tournament in which I never see a 2nd round!

The deadline to bid for the 2016-21 ACC’s men’s basketball tournaments has passed, and Madison Square Garden did not submit a bid, sources told ESPN. The 2013-15 ACC men’s basketball tournaments will be held in Greensboro, N.C.

A decision for where the 2016-21 ACC tournaments will be held will be made in the coming months. The Barclays Center in Brooklyn also did not submit a bid.

notes PC coaching staff was out in California recruiting, according to @TheBasketballDiary. Not sure who they are looking at yet though. Maybe some 2015 guys?

linkGoLocalProv: Curtis HS Coach: Rams Got A Good One!

Here is the evidence that Cooley wasn’t really going hard after Hassan Martin.

Buckheit said that schools like Providence College from the power conferences were sleeping on him because most of them are looking for the McDonald’s All-Americans. “I talked a couple of times to coach Cooley but, because Hassas isn’t a top 25 guy, they probably didn’t put in the effort that they would for an All-American,” he said. “I think a lot of those Big East and Big Ten schools wanted to see him play as a senior before making a serious run at him. The thing is, I think Rhode Island got themselves a real good player. Right now he may be a top 125 player, but Danny and Bobby saw a potential top 25 guy. He’s only 16. I think by January, he’ll be a Big East or a Big Ten player and a lot of big-time programs will probably wish they had recruited him.”

picture  @ZakkBareham Tweet

The LaDontae’s Inferno T-Shirt design got some FIRE.


notes The 2015 Recruiting Board is not fully operational yet, but here are two names to keep an eye out for. Donovan Mitchell (6-2 PG from New Milford) and Jarred Reuter (6-8 forward from New Rochester, MA) already have offers from PC. (H/T Peter Lawless from GiveNGoBasketball)

link New York Post: Smith emerges as prized prospect in year of change

Great in-depth read on Dayshon Smith. The young man lives in a house with his teammates, and cooks, does his own laundry, etc. Providence may be one of the top programs recruiting him as of right, but sounds like that will not be a big advantage for Cooley. I’ve also heard some things about the staff not going all out for 2013 players (much like what we saw with Hassan Martin up above), which could be a shame if Smith is really interested.

“If he stays at that Colonial/MAAC level range, he can have the same kind of impact Steve Burtt Jr. had at Iona or Keydren Clark had at St. Peter’s,” one Division I coach recruiting Smith says. “He’ll be on your scouting report as a guy you have to pay attention to.”

Smith, himself, isn’t sure what he wants to do. He admittedly has yet to go over the schools recruiting him. He’s enjoying the process, trying to make the most out of his summer on the court.

He’s not necessarily going to take his highest offer, he says. It makes sense, considering the two moves he’s most recently made. PSA is far from a prep juggernaut and Smith could’ve joined bigger AAU programs than the Lightning.

“If my best opportunity is the mid-major level, I’m going to go there,” he says.

twitter-bird-white-on-blue PSBasketball Tweet

Tim Higgins was disgusted with those calls last night!

On his Facebook page, former #SyracuseU hoops star Derrick Coleman says of NFL replacement refs: "Are they related to Tim Higgins?''
Syracuse Basketball
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