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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

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Who wants to play some Friars cornhole? I must have this.


link ProJo: What you see isn’t exactly what you’ll get

Great article by Kevin McNamara on the upcoming season, including the great revelation that Ed Cooley calls Ted Bancroft “White Lightning”. Reminds me of that awesome cameo from Jesse Ventura in the move “Major League”. BLACK HAMMER / WHITE LIGHTNING. “Mine fell the hardest!”. “Mine are the deadest”. “HAHAHAHAHA”. Watch out BIG EAST foes, you are going to be the deadest with Teddy B on the court.

As for the seven players who will begin the season, Cooley is impressed and says the group is “light years ahead” of where the Friars were a year ago.

“Just the pace of what we do at practice, the way we run, the intensity and, of course, the skill level. We’re moving in the right direction,” he says.

notes The Kevin McNamara article also confirms some the suspicions lately about recruiting for 2013. The staff is heavily focusing on 2014, but they would like to add another PG to replace Council. I don’t think we are in for any big splashes other than possibly Russ “the Buss” Patterson or Dayshon Smith.

notes Speaking of Scoochie: Assistant Coach Brian Blaney was at Putnam Science’s open gym again last night to see Dayshon Smith. Smith is taking an official visit to Duquesne starting today after visiting Dayton this past weekend (per @TheRecruitScoop)

link Friar Basketball: 20 in 60: #8 Johnson’s Winding Road to Providence

I feel like Sidiki Johnson is kind of an enigma, and never really hear much about him other than he’s playing in the 2nd semester. Kevin’s piece is great because it sheds a little more light on his history and journey to PC. I didn’t realize that he didn’t play basketball his senior season due to injury and moving around schools. Hopefully he will be an important addition come late December. “Copy, copy”!

Talent has never been a question with Johnson — this is a former Nike Tournament of Champions MVP and New York City first team all-state selection. After he put on 15 pounds of muscle after stepping foot on campus at Arizona it looked as though he would step into minutes at Arizona early (for a power program, the Wildcats were lacking upfront last season), but it fell apart year for him there.

By virtue of his size, opportunity will be available for him this season at Providence. For all of the talk in scouting reports about his offensive potential, his earliest impact in Providence would be if he could find a way to have that impact on the glass. Aside from LaDontae Henton, Providence lacks anyone who has rebounded on a consistent basis on this level.

Rust could be a factor for Johnson as well. Ed Cooley noted a season ago how much missing the first semester hurt Batts, and Johnson has had the last two seasons all but wiped away thanks to injury and transfer. How quickly can he get back to game speed?

notes SBNation came out with a list ranking the top 100 players for the upcoming college basketball season. Vincent Council comes in at #59. In related news, LaDontae Inferno has added SBNation into the 5th circle of hell, and will make them pay!

notes 2014 target Goodluck Okonoboh picked up an offer from UConn yesterday. Hey we had dibbs! Goodluck received an offer from Cooley within his first few months on the job in May of 2011. He visited PC last winter, and attended a few games with Nerlens Noel at the Dunk.

notes Late Night Madness is rapidly approaching, which fuels a lot of discussion about who will be in attendance. Kevin McNamara noted on Twitter that the visitors are still up in the air, but the group could be “VERY large“. Remember Keno’s last LNM in 2010 that looked like a supposed dud since it brought zero commitments? Technically it ended up bringing one! Tyler Harris enjoyed the festivities with UConn guard Ryan Boatright and big man Michael Chandler (whatever happened to that guy?).

twitter-bird-white-on-blue Jon Rothstein Tweet

I think Rothstein has a crush on Josh Fortune, or his computer keeps auto tweeting the same type of thing every few days. While he was talking about a bunch of players from another team, he threw in another JF mention.

PC freshman Josh Fortune has been better than advertised for the Friars early --- + he has to be. PC needs him to contribute immediately.
Jon Rothstein

picture Marshon Brooks Instagram

Marshon must be sleepy after eating all of that popcorn.


youtube YouTube: MarShon Brooks Opens Nets Shop

At first I wasn’t really a fan of the bland looking logo, but who doesn’t love a nice black and white piece of basketball gear?

notes Ken Pomeroy posted an interesting article about the Top 10 craziest comebacks last season. Basically these are the games in which a team blew a lead that was 99% or more “statistically safe”. That got me thinking, has PC been in any of these types of games lately? The first almost one that came to mind was the Seton Hall loss in the BIG EAST Tournament in 2010. The Hall’s lead was 100% SAFE with 6 minutes to go, and the Friars stormed back. If only Duke Mondy’s three-point heave to force OT dropped in…Can you think of any other games PC was involved in that had such a crazy comeback?

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