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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture BuzzFeed Sports

This gave me a nice LOL this morning. “The Brooklyn Nets released photos of the cheerleaders’ outfits today. I might be Clueless, but haven’t I seen those somewhere before?” They will be cheering on Marshon this year!


notes 6-7 SF Rodney Bullock, from the same high school that Josh Fortune hails from in Virginia, landed in Providence tonight for his official visit this weekend according to his own Tweet.

link Big East basketball lists: The Top 5 most important players

If Providence was a contender for the league title, I’m pretty sure I could not be a functioning member of society. Family, friends, and coworkers would try to talk to me about all sorts of other things, and I would be all “FRIARS!!!!!”. Actually nevermind, that’s pretty much how things go now even when we win 4 games in conference.

5. Vincent Council, Providence: Council led the Friars in scoring last season at 15.9 points per game. He led the Big East in assists with 7.5 per game. If Providence was a contender for the league title, Council would be in the Player of the Year conversation. Still, he’ll be crucial to the Friars this season, especially since Rookie of the Year candidate Ricky Ledo is now academically ineligible.

notes When I left the house this morning, the kid was wearing an awesome batman t-shirt. Who doesn’t want to wear an awesome batman shirt? Well, as I headed to work on the train my wife texted me. As they were leaving the house, the little guy noticed a basketball shirt hanging on the drying rack. He took it off the rack and insisted on wearing it! Then, according to my wife was “basically squealing pointing at the ball on the shirt”. That’s my boy!

link Sporting News: Not dead yet: Big East still a big deal to basketball recruits

This is great news for a fan base hoping to land a big recruiting class for 2014. Next year’s team should be very good if everything stays on course, but the 2014 class could help propel the Friars to big heights.

“I wouldn’t say the league is dead. I’d say the league has a lot of work to do as a group to overcome the losses and rebuild its brand. I don’t think the high school kids say, ‘Oh my gosh, the Big East is falling apart.’ I don’t think they’re in touch with it like fans and the media. I think there’s a window here in the next couple years to prop it back up a bit.”

notes Providence isn’t the only high major recruiting point guard Dayshon Smith. According to Max Tupper of the Herald & Review, Smith is expected to take a visit next month to Illinois. He is now their top PG target since they missed out on Demetrius Jackson (ranked #19 in the class 2013 by ESPN), who just announced he was going to Notre Dame over the Fightin’ Illini.

link The Cowl: White Lightning Is a Legacy

Nice article by Danny McNamara on Friar walkon Ted “White Lightning” Bancroft. The nickname is rising rapidly, coming in at #2 in the rankings behind the one and only ICE Cotton.

Length is also what Head Coach Ed Cooley has in mind when talking about Bancroft’s minutes this year. “I think I’m hopefully going to get more minutes than last year because the first half of the year, I was injured, and then I started to play better and get more minutes,” Bancroft went on to say. “This year I talked to Coach and he expects me to hopefully help the team more.” Bancroft is especially needed when the Friars come out in man-to-man defense. “In a zone you work as a team, which is good and I like that, but man-to-man you know you are looking at the guy and you are thinking, I’m not going to let this guy beat me.” This was a challenge Bancroft faced early in his time at Providence, when as a freshman he was assigned with trying to slow down Marshon Brooks ’11.

link Sports Illustrated: Top hoops recruits constantly battling negative recruiting tactics

Wow. So Ed Cooley was one of the coaches recruiting Noel towards the end of this whole process. Do you 1) believe Noel did not accept money, or 2) think Cooley would ever say something like this based on no facts? I can’t say for sure what happened in the recruitment, but I doubt he was referring to Cooley here.

Nerlens Noel agreed.

He recalled a conversation with a college coach during his recruitment process who urged him not to let money play a factor in luring him to Kentucky. Noel, a center, eventually picked the Wildcats.

“I was shocked that he would say something crazy like that,” said Noel, the No. 2 player in the Rivals150 last season. “Of course I would never accept money and of course Kentucky never offered me money, but to hear that from him turned me off. I didn’t hold it against him because I know coaches get jealous at times. I just look at it like they’re really just insecure about themselves.”

picture Big East Instagram

So the official BIG EAST twitter account is posting images each day as they count down to BIG EAST Media Day. Yesterday was the Jerome Lane “SEND IT IN JEROME” image, where he broke the glass against PC. Fuck that guy. Today the conference made it up to Friar fans by featuring our boy Austin Croshere.


link ESPN Rumor Central: Friars’ Fortune on the rise?

The legend is growing…

And then there’s Josh Fortune. The three-star recruit flew somewhat under the radar because of the other big name prospects that chose Providence, but he could address a glaring need for the team now. The youngster can fill the hoop and is more than capable of getting hot from long range. On top of that, Jon Rothstein notes that Fortune is looking even “better than advertised”as the Friars prepare for the upcoming season. If he’s able to emerge as a legitimate weapon in his rookie season, it could go a long way to pointing this group back in the right direction.

link The Cowl: How About Them Apples?

So the basketball team all got MacBook Pros, but no other sports got them. I was wondering why I kept seeing them pop up in everyone’s Instagram posts.

“Typical,” says a member of the Providence College Track and Field Team when he found out about the program. “That’s the way it goes—they get all the money.” Most athletes who were asked to comment on the program had no previous knowledge that the men and women’s basketball teams have received computers. “I didn’t know about [the computer lending program], but I feel it should be used for all the teams across the board,” says a source close to the situation.

“Every one of our student-athletes have tremendous time demands placed on them and travel demands are tough, but it really is something different for the basketball teams,” LaPoint says. “These are two of the highest profile sports on campus. So would we love to give every student-athlete a laptop? Sure we would, but we just see the greatest need with the basketball programs.”

youtube YouTube: Brewster Academy “Prep Profile”

Brewster Academy features two big Friar targets, Ron Patterson (2013) and Jared Terrell (2014). Cooley will be there frequently this year.

link Rant Sports: Providence Friars Season Preview: Sink or Swim?

Damn you Seton Hall. What up, Nova!?

I expect Providence to drop its next two road games to sneaky Seton Hall and talented Georgetown, but bounce back at home by knocking off Villanova and Pittsburgh. The Friars will continue their winnings ways with a road upset of Marquette, a home victory against Connecticut, and a season sweep of Villanova.

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