Friar Fans: Get to Know Keno!

dave@friarblog —  October 2nd, 2012 8:09 PM —  Comments
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Friar fans around the country had their afternoons simultaneously ruined after they all received a shiny new Coach Keno Davis newsletter in their inboxes. Call me crazy, but when you get fired for running a program directly into the ground, and through to the other side of the earth, wouldn’t you want to attempt to spare those fans from hearing from you ever again?

Here is a screen shot


I know we can all just shake our heads or fists and quickly hit the “unsubscribe” button, but couldn’t you just start from scratch since you are now with another program? But OH! We wouldn’t have been able to see this following video where Central Michigan gets to meet their new head coach.

Nice answers Keno, but let me actually take these for you:

What is your greatest coaching moment?

Even though winning the championship of a Mid-Major conference with my Dad’s players only to fizzle out with no defense (I know, shocking!) in the first round of the NCAA Tournament was a great coaching moment, I would have to say beating a NUMBER ONE ranked Pittsburgh team in front of a MAD HOUSE with Tim Welsh’s players was way more meaningful.

What is your favorite hobby outside of basketball?

I enjoy trolling Providence Friars messageboards, often taking the stance that I was never given a fair shake at PC, and Cooley should not have been hired. I mean come on, why fire a nice guy?

What do you look for while you are recruiting?

Honestly, whoever will come play for me. There’s the whole “character” and “accountability” aspect, and all sorts of other fancy words to describe a person off the court using airquotes. But much like the existence of eskimos, I don’t believe in all of that malarky.

What do you want the identity of your team to be?

On the court, I want my players to play as a team, trusting each other to form a completely cohesive unit on both ends of the court. Defense is paramount, and it will bring toughness and victories. I want organization, and I want the players to methodically execute the plays I carefully craft as I stay up late every night in my study. Off the court, I want these young men to behave in a professional manner, and be held to an extremely high standard of accountability. SIKE! Gotcha, I have no idea what I’m doing. I just copied and pasted that from another coach’s Wikipedia page.


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