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picture Marshon Brooks Instagram

Pretty sweet Adidas ad.


link ESPN: Bullock another recruiting win for Friars

Hearing about his great defense brought a tear to my eye.

Even more important than his offensive versatility is his defensive value. Prior to arriving at Providence, Cooley led Fairfield program’s to unprecedented heights by building the top defensive team in the MAAC. When he arrived at Providence, he wasn’t just taking over a team that needed to upgrade its talent base, but he was inheriting one of the worst defensive units in the Big East.

The Friars made consistent strides in that area last year, but there is still work to be done. Bullock will be a major asset in that endeavor because he’ll provide Cooley with just the type of long and mobile athlete he built his defense around at Fairfield.

Because Bullock can defend multiple positions, he’ll allow Cooley flexibility in his lineups and matchups. As the Friars add more and more versatile defenders, they’ll be able to extend their defense with more consistency while also utilizing more switching concepts within their halfcourt coverage — two things which have historically been key components to Cooley’s defensive playbook.

notes Since the loss in the NCAA Tournament in 2004, it seems that Friartown has been in an infinite loop of “next year” mode. “Wait until all these young guys play another couple of years together”, “The recruiting is on the verge of BLOWING UP!”, or “The next class is going to make us a Top 20 team!”. There have been injuries, de-commitments, players leave, and eligibility issues that have always seemed to pop up at the wrong times. Looking ahead to “next year”, doesn’t it seem that ALOT has to go wrong in order to derail what Ed Cooley is building toward? I’m not trying to jinx Friartown here since I feel like we’ve been down this road before as recently as last year, but Cooley’s brick by brick philosophy is turning into a massive structure that we will see with our own eyes next year.

link Friar Basketball: 10 Things You Should Know about Rodney Bullock

When is the last time the Friars saw this much height all throughout the roster. Exciting times.

1. His commitment to Providence continues Ed Cooley’s attempt to lengthen this roster with multi-faceted forwards.  Both LaDontae Henton and Tyler Harris are combo forwards in the mold of many of the kids Cooley coached at Boston College, and in Bullock PC gets another versatile wing.  Providence has been tiny in recent years, but next year’s team will feature a 6’3 point guard in Kris Dunn, 6’7 shooting guard Ricardo Ledo, 6’6 shooting guard Josh Fortune, seven foot center Carson Desrosiers, and plenty of length at forward with Harris (6’9), Henton (who plays bigger than 6’6), Bullock (6’7), Sidiki Johnson (listed as 6’10 by, 6’8 Brice Kofane and 6’9 Kadeem Batts.

notes Be sure to give a follow to Rodney Bullock on Twitter (@youngBull5), and welcome him to the Friar family

twitter-bird-white-on-blue Kevin McNamara Tweet

Boo Williams, AAU coach of Bullock and Fortune.

Boo Williams: Rajay Bullock + Josh Fortune `steals' for Providence.
Kevin McNamara

link Busting Brackets: Basketball Recruiting: Rodney Bullock Picks Providence

I keep hearing about his needing to develop a better handle. We just got God Shammgod on the staff, problem solved.

The best attribute that the new Friars commit possesses is his ability to rebound, which is the main reason why he clearly projects better at the power forward position. Bullock’s poor handling is also a reason for him being better off at the 4, but there are some who believe that he needs to bulk up in order to more effectively play at PF.

notes Now that another point guard is definitely a priority with one current scholarship remaining, don’t be quick to dismiss 6-6 small forward Brandon Austin. According to Kevin McNamara, PC sees him as a point guard, and could be one of the reasons the Friars are back in the mix for his services. Rivals also reported that Austin is looking to take an official visit to Uconn in October.

notes Boston College was on Brewster’s campus today to see Friar targets Ron Patterson and Jared Terrell. Did they wake up at 3 in the morning to drive over for breakfast? I think not.

link ESPN Rumor Central: Praise for Siva reached saturation point?

Once again, we will find out pretty quickly in the BIG EAST opener when the Friars visit Louisville. Good to see Council getting some wel deserved pub though.

One might argue that Vincent Council has been flying way too far under the radar and might deserve some of the preseason praise heaped upon Siva. Council takes a higher percent of Providence’s shots, and while his conversion rate within the arc is just 42 percent, he did make nearly 30 percent of threes in 2012 — as essentially the sole offensive weapon on the PC squad (and the only Friar capable of creating off the bounce). Also, per Ken Pomeroy, Council’s assist rate – 43 percent – is one of the best in DI, and the guard was also much stingier with his possessions. During Big East play, Council helped PC score 1.04 points per possession; with many more offensively-minded players, Siva led Louisville to an efficiency rate of 98.2 percent.

So why does Siva continue to be repeated as a potential All-American candidate? Because Louisville is a prospective Final Four contender and the Cardinals could very well be the nation’s top-ranked team at some point in 2013. Meanwhile, Providence will struggle to stay above .500; even with a strong recruiting class (discounting Ricardo Ledo) and the return of LaDontae Henton, the Friars will finish in the bottom half of the Big East in Ed Cooley’s second season.

youtube YouTube: 2012 Providence College Friar Golf Classic

link Cracked Sidewalks: Advanced Ranking of top 150 college basketball teams for 2014 based on; 1, ‘solid roster,’ 2, spots open for recruits, and 3, if they can keep NBA prospects

If you can read through this without your brain exploding from all of the math, I’m pretty sure it says the Friars are going to be good next year.

2014 Rankings / players expected on roster
Team 2014 roster Rnk1
Arizona 53.57 1
Memphis 49.64 2
Marquette 45.06 3
Iowa 40.11 4
California 39.77 5
Providence 39.77 6
Notre Dame 39.21 7
Virginia 36.47 8
Stanford 36.12 9
Indiana 35.69 10

notes LaDontae Henton tweeted that the LaDontae’s Inferno T-Shirts were coming soon. Not sure if I’m more excited about that or the season starting.

link Big East Coast Bias: New Atlantic 10 Television Contract Shows Big East Basketball Schools Aren’t Going Anywhere

Well there goes that idea. I still really, really, really hate football.

The new Atlantic 10 basketball contract with ESPN, NBC, and CBS and the relatively small amount of money each school will get shows once again that the Big East’s basketball playing members are better off attached to football than on their own.

$5 million per year, split between 14 teams means each school will get a little more than $350,000 per year from the television contract. By comparison, NBC Sports is reportedly prepared to offer the Big East basketball members as much as $4 million per year as part of a larger deal to get the rights to both football and basketball. Are schools like Georgetown, Marquette, and St. John’s bigger and more valuable basketball properties than St. Louis, Butler and others in the A-10? Sure.

youtube YouTube: Brooklyn Nets Media Day

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  1. I.B. Wilding says:

    Let’s stop with the Marshon love affair. The truth is that the kid never played one lick of defense in four years. He scored 52 in a game. Dope. But he probly gave up more. jk, he totes did. This dude is one of the most overrated dudes in BE history. To be remembered the team has to win. He wasn’t good enough to even make those teams .500 caliber, which was possible. Real NBA ballers carry their team on the floor and as men among boys in the huddle and locker room. Marshon is the type of dude who starts jumping over cars when the cops come to a sh!t PC party to give the kids who live there a noise violation. No D, not a leader, loves shooting jumpers when he’s not open. That’s why he’s perfect for the NBA. A league with no rules, no pride, no defense, no team camaraderie. oh yeah, and no fans over 19.

    As far as that Phil McCoy story goes. wow. bra. lame. to the max. I knew I shouldve relayed that story about how I sat next to a bunch of annoying “urban” youths at a non-conference game in November. That’s what we remember over here on Friar Blog, that’s what really gets the blood pumping. Seriously, if a story wasn’t about Pitt or Uconn how could it have a chance? Frankly, I’m appalled, disheartened, confused and high on pots.

    1. friarblog says:

      “High on pots”

      That pretty much sums up your comment. Thanks for reading.