The Winner of the NBA2k13 Contest

dave@friarblog —  October 3rd, 2012 6:08 PM —  Comments
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There were many great entries in the NBA 2k13 giveaway contest, making it extremely difficult to chose the best Friar story among them. After some careful consideration, the winner is…

Phil McCoy!!

We really enjoyed his story about the school donating tickets so they could take the refugee kids to a game a few years ago. Even though it wasn’t the most prominent game, hearing how much these kids enjoyed the game just makes you appreciate the simple joys of basketball. Here is the full story.

“I have been a friar fan since the first year of Tim Welsh. My father and I have been season ticket holders through almost universally disappointing times (the two NCAA teams were the exception). However the friars have always been a team for me to
root for and a place where my father and I could just talk basketball or hang out with friends and enjoy a game. One night I remember specifically was during the 2007-2008 season. That fall I had spent much of my time afterschool
tutoring African refugee children as part of a senior project for High school. All of these kids loved basketball, but where not very good at it as they had never been taught how to play. Around the holidays, when the students would be gone from the games at the dunk, my father and I decided that
we wanted to do something special for these kids and take them to a PC Friars
game. We originally had planned to purchase the tickets for the 12 or so kids out of our own pockets for a game that would be cheap and not crowded (something like a game against Brown). I never thought that PC would be willing to reach out to the community and give us any kind of special offers but when my dad called they were very receptive and gave us tickets, in the lower bowl, for all the kids to see the Friars take on Florida State. Now this year the friars
where not fantastic but did have the McDermott, Efejuku core that most of us remember for underachieving, so we were not expecting the Friars to win but till thought the kids would have fun. We were wrong the game wasn’t very close as the friars beat Florida State. The kids we took to the game cheered for every basket and jumped around like they were watching the NBA finals and Michael Jordan. At the end of the game we were planning on leaving when an assistant coach, I cannot remember who, showed up with Alex Kellogg to take a picture with all of the kids and hand out posters for them to put on their walls. The Kids could not stop talking about the game when we went to get pizza afterwards at Caserta. I was proud then to be a friar fan and know that the team I supported, even though I never went to PC, was so willing to go the extra mile to give a great experience to a bunch of refugee children.”

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  1. Phil McCoy says:

    How Should I get in contact with you?

    1. friarblog says:

      Did you get my Twitter DM?