Jarred Reuter to Attend Late Night Madness

dave@friarblog —  October 9th, 2012 6:50 PM —  Comments
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JReuterI got word that Jarred Reuter, a 6-8 250 lb. power forward in the class of 2015, will also be attending Late Night Madness on Friday. He plays at Tabor Academy in Rochester, MA. ESPN had him ranked #18 in the 2015 class at one point over the summer, but he is currently out of the top 25.

He already has offers from UConn, Florida, BC, Indiana, Rutgers, and St. John’s.

UPDATE: Reuter confirmed to me on Twitter that he will in fact be attending the festivities on Friday night.

PC so far will have a member of the 2013 (Brandon Austin), 2014 (Kahari Beaufort), and 2015 class on campus for the event.

From ESPN:

Reuter’s game is similar to that of a poor man’s Tyler Hansbrough in that he is a power player inside with a terrific motor. He plalys with reckless abandon inside the paint, bullying physically weaker and less aggressive players. Even at his young age opposing players already bounce off his strong frame as he carves out space to score inside, rebound, and defend the post. He has a soft touch inside the lane, signs of a developing jump hook with his back the basket, and enough skill to step out and shoot.
Reuter missed his entire freshman season with an injury and needs to get back into basketball shape since making his return. As he continues to add muscle to his frame he needs to ensure that he doesn’t get stronger at the expense of his conditioning or mobility. He projects as more of a power player than a high level athlete against the highest levels of competition and needs to continue to develop his overall ball skills both inside and out.
Bottom Line:
He’s a wide body who knows how to make his frame work for him. People bounce off him inside the lane and he sets the tone physically on both ends of the floor. His hands are super soft, allowing him to make tough catches in traffic, and he excels at creating space. He already has a little jump hook over his left shoulder and is equally capable of facing up to bounce once or twice.


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