Friartown News and Notes 10.10.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture WDOM Tweet

Today was media day at PC. Ed Cooley took the stage to discuss the upcoming season. All players were also in attendance and available for the media. The Warrior Friar attended and will have some stuff posted here soon.


Here are some relevant quotes from those in attendance at media day

Kevin McNamara ‏@KevinMcNamara33 CoachCooleyPC on the Mullaney Gym upgrades:”It’s me vs. Denzel Washington in the looks category. It’s beautiful.”

Vin Parise ‏@VinParise “I really worked on my ball handling & mid-range game this summer. We’re gonna run pick n rolls for all of our guards.” – Bryce Cotton

Vin Parise ‏@VinParise “God Shammgod has been a great mentor to me…..especially with ball handling & playing on the perimeter.” – LaDontae Henton

Vin Parise ‏@VinParise “When the NCAA ruled me a partial, I wasn’t totally shocked cause I knew it might happen, but it was still very hurtful.” – Ricky Ledo

Vin Parise ‏@VinParise “I really think Friar fans are going to like my outside shot when the season finally gets started.” – Josh Fortune

Vin Parise ‏@VinParise ”I’m almost 1/3 back if I had to guess. My personal goal is to start playing at the beginning of Big East play.” – Kris Dunn

Vin Parise ‏@VinParise “It’s a different feel than last year. Guys have bought in more and I’m positive we’ll be a lot better defensively.” – Bryce Cotton

KevinFriarBasketball ‏@Kevin_Farrahar Batts on leadership, “I can honestly say I wasn’t mature enough to take that role in past years… I’m definitely ready to take that role.”

KevinFriarBasketball ‏@Kevin_Farrahar Kofane: “Sometimes the game moved too fast for me (last year). I learned over the summer to slow the game down.”

KevinFriarBasketball ‏@Kevin_Farrahar Some Sidiki soundbites: “I’m a versatile player. I’m a matchup nightmare. I can matchup with anybody on the court.”

KevinFriarBasketball ‏@Kevin_Farrahar Sidiki on rust after sitting out last year and being injured his senior season, “Ain’t no rust. This is what I do.”

notes Late Night Madness is going to be absolutely packed with big recruits. Here is the current list if you were unable to keep up: 2013: Brandon Austin, Ron Patterson; 2014: Kahari Beaufort, Jared Terrell; 2015: Jarred Reuter, Aaron Falzon. The Friars newest commit Rodney Bullock will also be in attendance. Wow. I don’t think the list is done yet either…

link GoLocalProv: PC at Brown On National TV

Will Friar fans be getting a glimpse of their team on the their future network of the Conference?

One of the toughest tickets to get in Rhode Island this year will be for the Providence Friars visit to Brown’s Pizzitola Sports Center on December 28th. However, for those Friars and Bears fans that cannot get into ther game, fear not. That game will be televised on the NBC Sports Network live at 7pm.

The Ivy League has a partnership with NBC Sports Network for football and men’s basketball and the network has decided that this game is worthy of their coverage. Of the 10 Ivy League games the network will broadcast, this will be Brown’s only appearance.

WIth a capacity of about 2,500, Brown’s Pizzitola Sports Center cannot accomodate all in Rhode Island who wish to see the game live and in person. This now gives those who do not receive tickets to the game a good second option.

notes Buckets and Ice needs to gain more steam heading into the season. Spread the word.

picture PCAthletics Tweet

Ed Cooley’s recruiting class. Don’t all look so thrilled guys!! I know you all can’t play right away, but look alive!


link Friar Basketball: “20 in 60″: #4 Awaiting Dunn’s Debut

Let’s hope he reaches his personal goal of being back by the beginning of BIG EAST play.

Finally, Council may have someone to alleviate some of the ball handling and distributing duties if Dunn returns to health this season. Cooley has made the point that Council was the only creator on the team a year ago, and while many will point to the sheer number of minutes he’s been forced to play as a contributing factor towards fatigue, more tiresome is the burden placed on him on a night by night basis.
Thanks to Dunn’s versatility, he can also play significant minutes at shooting guard, and considering the Friars have used Gerard Coleman and Weyinmi Efejuku at small forward in the past it would not be surprising to see him play there alongside Council and Bryce Cotton at times. That would not be a long-term solution, as Cooley is loading up on versatile combo forwards, but in a season in which the Friars lack live bodies, Dunn’s versatility will be a huge bonus

link Rush the Court: Big East Commissioner: TV Deal With ESPN ‘Not Anywhere Near Done’

Good thing we are test driving this NBC Sports thing with the Brown game.

But now, with little more than two weeks left before the two sides’ exclusive negotiating window closes, the deal doesn’t appear to be any closer to being done than it did when Aresco took over. The new commissioner told reporters that the deal between the two sides is ‘not anywhere near done’ and that there has been plenty of interest from rival networks as they sense an opportunity to capitalize.

Now, it should be clear to anyone with even the most minimal business sense that Aresco’s comments could be true, or they could just be a rather transparent negotiating ploy to create the aura of competition between ESPN and its rivals even if there isn’t one. It will be interesting to see whether ESPN eventually decides to get the deal done or whether they believe the price is just too steep for a conference that doesn’t have nationally-relevant football programs and is in the process of losing three of their best basketball programs.

notes I’m not sure if top 5 prospect Noah Vonleh is still on the radar given our targeting all of these other 2013 guys, but he will be attending Syracuse’s midnight madness this weekend. After that he is heading to UConn to attend their first real practice over the weekend. Ugh.

youtube YouTube: Jared Wilson-Frame is the Best 16 year-old in Connecticut!

Jared Wilson-Frame is a 2015 guard from Connecticut who Providence has shown interest in since the summer. Dude, why are you not scheduled to go to Late Night Madness yet!?!

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