Bryce Cotton Wins 3rd Straight Dunk Contest at Late Night Madness

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The new Providence Friars Basketball season got kicked off with Ed Cooley’s 2nd installment of Late Night Madness in newly renovated Alumni Hall. The house was packed as soon as doors opened, and many students were actually denied entry into the festivities. After all, Cooley did say last year: “We’re going to set this place on fire, and if you’re late, don’t come in!” You gotta listen to Coach Cooley.

I want to first point out that in watching the online feed, there was absolutely no sound. Hopefully there will be some video that surfaces later on, but it was pretty difficult to tell what was happening 75% of the time. The intro video had a lot of movie references (I think), and Ed Cooley sitting at the campus Dunkin’ Donuts with the Friar. You win me. My sound briefly became slightly audible for a moment, and I think I heard a bunch of priests re-enact the wolf pack scene from the Hangover. If that was the case, well done.

The Intros

The players were introduced, with each of them coming out to their own little dances. Carson Desrosiers DEFINITELY won this “contest” by doing a version of THIS.

Ted “White Lightning” Bancroft came in a close 2nd. Kris Dunn got some points for doing a nice dance while having an injured shoulder. He can totally play against some of these soft OOC teams in my opinion.

The Mayor

No, not the FriartownMayor, but Providence Mayor Angel Taveras (after Tweeting me before coming out!) made an appearance. He came out to the court and tried to hit a shot from around the free throw line but missed.

Kids These Days

As I grow older and older, I become more of a grumpy old man who complains about the youth of today. I’m sure the students were great tonight and all, but I actually saw a Tweet saying “His name is God Shammgod?”. REALLY GUY? Man, someone didn’t read TheWarraiorFriar’s Friar-ology 101 post. That’s a midterm grade of an F, man. It’s a good thing we don’t record your PC ID swipes in this course, because you are failing son.

The Dunk Contest

Again, with no sound it was a bit hard to follow along, but at least I got to see some dunks. The contestants were: 2-time defending champ Bryce Cotton, Brice Kofane, freshman Josh Fortune, and partial qualifier Ricardo Ledo. Heading into the contest I didn’t know who was going to be participating, but I was fairly confident Ice Cotton was going to bring home another title. Hometown hero Ricky Ledo was the favorite, and several people were warning me on Twitter that his talent would be too much for Ice to overcome. In the warmups, Ledo had some crazy dunks that made it seem that he would be able to dethrone Mr. Cotton. Things were getting interesting. On the video, they showed the Friar alum judges, consisting of Ernie D, Eric Murdock (I think?), God Shammgod, Jamel Thomas, and Kevin Stacom.

On to the dunkers:

Brice Kofane: Had a few solid dunks, but nothing that really stood out.

Josh Fortune: On his first attempt, he tried to JUMP OVER Carson Desrosiers, and almost awkwardly fell on his face. Is he trying to make it so there are zero freshman playing in Cooley’s heralded class? At least try to jump over a shorter Vincent Council or something.

Ricky Ledo: With the crowd probably on his side (again, no sound, I could only imagine), Ledo missed most of his dunks unfortunately (including his first three). He was possibly trying too hard to impress the fans that have been passionately waiting for him to do something basketball related in a Friar uniform.

Bryce Cotton: Clearly had the best first round with a great throw and catch crazy dunk. For the 2nd, he failed to connect on his now famous between the legs windmill dunk. Alumni Hall would have exploded if he did, considering all the momentum he had after a great first dunk. Cotton then went safe and did something a little easier (I believe involving a spin or reverse). The three-peat was his! I couldn’t see anything about the judges or a final score, but Cotton had won. For an encore, he came out again and tried to do his between the legs dunk, but it just wasn’t in the cards tonight. However, it was still enough to win his 3rd consecutive Late Night Madness Slam Dunk Contest. Can anyone beat him next year? Start practicing now, Ricky.

At the end, Ed Cooley came out to the court and said something to the students, which I can only imagine involved inspirational things.

The Pictures


Photo by @catelatz


Photo by @karahoward14


photo by @PCFriarFaithFul


Photo by ProvCollege instagram



A picture of all the recruits, by James Kirby



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  1. Tim Carr says:

    I don’t go to Providence and I know more about Friar athletics than 80 percent of the students. I mean that is like going to Boston College and not knowing who Doug Flutie is (well to a much lesser extent obviously). “Fans” these days…

    1. friarblog says:

      It should be part of the orientation. Would it hurt to watch an hour video about Friar history??