Friartown News and Notes 10.15.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture Ricky Ledo Instagram

Providence fans finally got to see Ricky Ledo perform some basketball activities at Late Night Madness. Is it possible that Ledo could still be able to play this season? Word is that PC is trying to get a waiver in order for Ricky to be eligible for the 2nd semester if they can show academic progress. It’s unclear of the timeframe or how likely it will be granted, but having Ed Cooley fight on Ledo’s behalf certainly gives hope.


notes After all of the hoopla of Late Night Madness with recruits visiting, gangnam style dances, and dunk contests, you might have forgotten that practices have been underway. So far here is what I’ve heard: Josh Fortune and Vincent Council seem to be in sync already, which is going to be huge for the freshman sharpshooter with potential big minutes coming right away. Over the years we’ve seen various players fail to finish on amazing Council passes. If Fortune can get open, Council can put him into a position to be another Ice Cotton out on the court and see his assists pile up. LaDontae Henton is also continuing to show a great 3-point shot after surpsing everyone with 44 makes (and 39.3%) from downtown last year. What else is new — all he does is make buckets. Nothing to see here, move along. Brice Kofane is showing some improvement offensively, which is a must since he will see plenty of time to start the season. Everyone is talking about if Kadeem Batts can take a big step forward this year, and looking to see if he can show the same physical presence as he did in the Louisville win last year. So far he’s still taking the outside shot. That  is certainly a big weapon (remember the close Syracuse game?), but PC needs a physical body down low.

notes Providence’s New York Sports Night is tomorrow night at PJ Clarke’s on the Hudson. All the PC coaches will be in attendance. I will be devouring some appetizers while looking to talk some Friar Basketball. Anyone in the New York area planning on going?

notes BIG EAST Media Day is on Wednesday in New York City. Cooley created a little bit of a stir last year when he didn’t bring a single player to the event, citing they need to get their shnit together in the classroom. This year Vincent Council and LaDontae Henton will be accompanying Coach Cooley to the city the Yankees took a collective dump on. You can follow along with John Rooke and John Celestand’s coverage on the website or their mobile apps.

link CBS Sports: The season starts today! Here’s our 68 things to watch in 2012-13

Jeff Goodman of CBS just can’t resist taking shots at a kid just trying to play basketball. It’s certainly an interesting story to keep track of (especially if it is in fact possible he’ll see the court this year), but I think Council’s underated story coming into the season is just as compelling.

35. Ricky Ledo’s future: Providence’s talented freshman was deemed a partial qualifier — which means he can practice this season, but can’t play. He maintains he’ll stick around and play next season for the Friars, but his track record is that he doesn’t stay long at one spot. I hope he sticks it out this year — even without being able to play. — J.G.

notes A couple of 2013 players that were still on the Recruiting board commited elsewhere to the BIG EAST. F Byron Zeigler popped on his visit to South Florida over the weekend. He had PC in his final three, but probably noticed they were most likely not looking to add any more forwards for next season. Shooting guard Sterling Brown said PC was in the mix last month, but he will be heading to SMU. I’m not really sure what their scholarship or depth chart at guard is now after getting Brown, but it is interesting that Friar target Ron Patterson is also looking at SMU.

picture JulianaRoseee Tweet

Apparently there was a Carson Desrosiers big head at LNM. By the way, we are searching for a nickname for Desrosiers. “Fathead” is all we have at this point. I guess we have a year to figure it out.


link New England College Basketball: Preseason Report Card: Part 6 of 6

Daniel takes a look at the four D-1 schools in the state of Rhode Island. PC will be playing all three again, so pay attention!

New England Wise – When Kadeem Batts was asked what game he’s looking forward to the most this season, he didn’t hesitate. “UMass.” The New England scene is on the rise, and the Friars aren’t planning on playing catch up any longer. If the Friars can topple the Minutemen in the Puerto Rico Tip Off they will be making a solid statement early on. With a bulk of their New England games coming in out of conference scheduling, the Friars will aim to once again beat all the Rhode Island teams and make a statement that they are and continue to be the best team in the Ocean State.

twitter-bird-white-on-blue kshea14 Tweet

That sounds kinda late for Cooley. I bet he already recruited 5 kids, came up with 15 new inbounds plays, and balanced his checkbook.

Nothing like waiting for the 8:30 RIPRA and seeing Coach Cooley go out for an early morning run #pcbb

picture Brice Kofane Instagram

Happy 22nd birthday to Vincent Council. As a present, Ed Cooley is getting you 40 minutes per game in out of conference play!


notes I’m not sure what “throwing peas” means exactly, but apparently the Twitter version of Marvin Barnes thinks I throw them. Um, thank you?

link Official Online Auction: 1987 Final Four Banner

If anyone is looking to get me an early Christmas gift this year…only $500.


link Friar Basketball: Batts Looking to Lead in 2012-13

Kadeem Batts is saying all the right things so far and seems very focused. Now it’s time to hit the court and show what kind of leader he has grown into.

As Batts tells it, his time in New Jersey changed him both mentally and physically.  Early morning beach workouts were accompanied by long hours in the weight room, “I just wanted to get mentally and physically tougher.  I trained hard and conditioned hard.  I worked on every aspect offensively and defensively.  I worked on my body.  I just felt like I became a better player and person overall.”

It was a summer spent playing alongside Tyler Harris in a New York Pro-Am league – on a team that defeated Brooks’ squad when they went head to head.

youtube YouTube: 2011 Mal Brown Scrimmage – PC Friars Basketball

The Mal Brown game is coming up on Saturday. Here is what our team looked like with only a half a year under Ed Cooley during last October. In addition to the new faces, things are going to look a lot different I would imagine.

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