2012-2013 Player Preview Countdown: #9 Lee Goldsbrough

dave@friarblog —  October 17th, 2012 7:35 AM —  Comments
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leeLeading up until the season, Friarblog is counting down and profiling the Friar players who will be seeing the court this season.

#9. Lee Goldsbrough

Forward Lee Goldsbrough enters his junior season with not a lot of expectations, but someone who can potentially play an important role off the bench early on in the season and going forward.

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Stud stats: In back to back wins against Florida A&M and Southern, Goldsbrough played over 20 minutes a game and was active on the glass pulling down 6 rebounds in each contest. In the Florida A&M game he even added 2 assists, a steal, and a block.

Dud stats: Goldsbrough played a total of 50 minutes in conference play last season. Vincent Council blew through that in 3 halves! 19 of those 50 minutes came during one of the South Florida games.

I know what you did last summer: He didn’t transfer, despite some back and forth rumors during the whole transfer fiasco in which 3 players left and Ice Cotton almost left. Goldsbrough stuck around PC early in the summer for some classes, and also spent time in his homeland (Newcastle, England) doing English things. I wonder if he has posters of Tom Daley in his dorm?

Know your role: With 7 players available in the first semester, Goldsbrough will come off the bench and be the 4th forward on the depth chart so to say. He’ll get the most playing time if he can come in and do the little things such as rebounding, playing solid defense, and not turning the ball over. Cooley probably isn’t expecting too many things offensively from Goldy, but just some consistency, toughness and hustle on both ends of the court.

Well there’s that: Good for you, Lee.

Confirmed RT @: @ I can confirm that girls swoon over Lee's accent.

Relevant Tune: “Gold on the Ceiling” – The Black Keys.

They wanna get my Goldsbrough on the Ceiling, I ain’t blind, just a matter of time, before you steal it.

If Lee Goldsbrough was a TV Show: NBC’s Revolution. It never really wows me, but doesn’t really do too much to offend me based on what I am expecting out of it. You occasionally wonder why it’s on TV, but you appreciate that it tries to be a good show. All of the other NBC shows probably like it, because it’s a nice, friendly show.

Best case scenario: Goldsbrough takes the opportunity to play big minutes in out of conference play, and establishes himself as a solid player off the bench. Come BIG EAST play, Goldsbrough doesn’t get completely overmatched against the bigger and stronger forwards in the conference. He has several decent games on the glass, a few games where he hits a few shots here and there, and provides a few sparks on the defensive end at various times.

Worst case scenario: Early on in the season, Goldsbrough gets some minutes but tries to do a little too much offensively leading to uncharacteristic turnovers. Cooley starts to lose faith in having him out on the court, forcing Brice Kofane and Josh Forturne into more minutes they can really handle. By the time Sidiki Johnson and Kris Dunn are able to play, Goldsbrough sees similar minutes and DNP as last year in BIG EAST play.

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