Friartown News and Notes 10.17.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture PCAthletics Tweet

The guys Looking sharp representing PC at BIG EAST Media Day today.


notes Like Coach Cooley, I was a little shocked at the Friars being picked to finish last in the coaches’ poll. However, the team has done nothing over the past several years to prove otherwise. The front court has a lot of questions, and we don’t know how Kris Dunn is going to bounce back from his injury. I think the Friars will definitely finish better than 15th, but there a few unknowns that must be overcome in order to do so.

notes I attended PC’s New York Sports Night last night at PJ Clarke’s on the Hudson and it was a fantastic time. I met Cooley and Henton, and got to talk to a lot of great Friar fans. I’ll have more about the night tomorrow.

link Big East Coas Bias: Big East Basketball Preview: Superlatives

How did Rutgers beat PC for “Most likely to be really good next season”? I like Mike Rice and all, but this is Rutgers, guy.

Most Lofty Expectations to Handle

Kris Dunn – Providence: It’s doubtful he’ll ever play at 100 percent this season, and when he does, Friars fans will expect greatness. Ed Cooley plucked two blue chip prospects from the class of 2012; Dunn and Ricardo Ledo. With Ledo academically ineligible, the spotlight shifts square on Dunn, who will have lofty expectations to fulfill.

Most likely to draw frequent ire from his head coach

Vincent Council – Providence: Was 5th in the conference last season in FG attempts, but was a mediocre 39 percent from the floor. With the Friars getting some national attention this pre-season, Council may feel compelled to let it fly early and often.

notes In talking with LaDontae Henton last night, he said Lee Goldsbrough “has gotten a lot better”.

link Big East, MSG reach 10-year extension to keep Big East Tournament at the Garden

This is very good news. My dream of going to the Garden for a Friar BET game past a Wednesday is still alive, baby!

During the league’s annual men’s basketball media day Wednesday morning, new commissioner Mike Aresco announced that the Big East has signed a 10-year contract extension with Madison Square Garden, ensuring that it’s most visible event will stay in the home it’s enjoyed for the last 30 years.

notes The race for 2013 guard Ron Patterson is heating up. After canceling his visit to SMU (maybe because they got Sterling Brown?), it looks like UConn (who is also after Brandon Austin too) and Syracuse are now involved according to Brewster coach Jason Smith. A UConn assistant visited Brewster today.

notes Remember the Keno Davis e-mail spam fiasco from a few weeks ago? The school was NOT happy. There was talk of legal recourse, but I couldn’t tell if it was serious or not. I would gladly make a donation if it was guaranteed to go to legal bills for this.

link Providence Journal: Dollars-and-sense approach

The Friars are benefiting financially from schools leaving the BIG EAST and the conference’s overall success in the NCAA Tournament lately. Straight cash, homey.

As a result of agreements reached between the Big East and four schools that have either left, or will soon leave, the conference has an exit-fee pool of $40 million. That amount will soon increase once departure terms for Notre Dame are negotiated. An even larger pool of money is disbursed every year to members via the NCAA’s Basketball Distribution Fund. Because of an unprecedented run of success in the NCAA Tournament since the Big East last expanded seven years ago, the conference pockets checks from the fund worth more than $25 million every year.

PC athletic director Bob Driscoll confirmed that the exit fees are being used “to cover some major expens- es,” and added that at some point, the remaining money would be distributed to conference members. “For a school our size, it is a significant amount of money,” Driscoll said.

link Connecticut Post: Chris Elsberry: Realigned Big East basketball will have big mountain to climb

It’s all good. The Friars are already climbing a mountain, biting asses etc.

“It’s hard to argue that top to bottom, we’re not the best basketball conference in America,” along with saying that “the future is indeed promising.”

Only it’s not promising. It’s downright unsettled.

youtube YouTube: PC Late Night Madness

Cox Sports coverage of Late Night Madness.

link ESPN: 2012 BIG EAST Media Day

A good rundown of the day in NYC.

Providence: ”We’ve got seven who can play right now. That’s the situation we have and while it’s not ideal, I’m the most optimistic guy in the world because I don’t see that. I really don’t.” — Ed Cooley

picture Tyler Harris Instagram

Nice pic from Late Night Madness


notes Anyone got some $$ they don’t want? You can bet on the Friars to win the national championship at 100-1 odds. Hey, it’s the same chance as Butler, West Virginia, and Marquette!

link Friar Basketball: Sidiki Touches on his Eligibility, Versatility and (no) Rust

Getting Sidiki for the first semester would be huge, but I’m not really holding my breath.

On the adjustment from Arizona to Providence: “It’s been great. The people here are so lovely. I really do like it here a lot. It’s a great atmosphere and a great campus. I can’t wait until I step out on that court – hopefully it’s October 27 – but I just can’t wait.”

When asked if there was any update on his potential first semester eligibility he nodded towards Ed Cooley on his left and said “you’ll have to ask him about that” before saying that he was still awaiting final word.

youtube YouTube: Late Night Madness 2012

More Late Night Madness footage, this one from the athletic department.

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