Friartown News and Notes 10.22.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place.

notes I’ve been away for a few days and missed the Mal Brown game, so just going to toss a few links and notes to catch up.

link Men’s Basketball Holds Annual Mal Brown Game

The Providence College men’s basketball team held its annual Mal Brown intra-squad scrimmage today (Oct. 20) at PC’s Alumni Hall. The Black Team, led by senior Vincent Council (Brooklyn, N.Y.) defeated the White Team, 48-36, in a spirited 24-minute contest. Council and junior Kadeem Batts (Powder Springs, Ga.) led the Black Team with 12 points each. Freshman Josh Fortune (Hampton, Va.) and sophomore LaDontae Henton (Lansing, Mich.) each had five rebounds to lead the Black Team. Fortune also added 11 points and was 3-6 from three-point territory.

Freshman Ricky Ledo (Providence, R.I.) tied for the game-high in scoring with 12 points for the White Team. He also had a game-high five assists. Sophomore Tyler Harris (Dix Hills, N.Y.) scored 11 points. Sophomore Sidiki Johnson (Harlem, N.Y.) added nine points and a team-high five rebounds.

link Providence Journal: Present, future on display for Providence

Any of the1,015 fans at Mullaney Gym who happened to also attend Ed Cooley’s first Mal Brown scrimmage as coach last October had to appreciate what is a major talent upgrade. This year’s team is taller, more athletic, quicker, shoots better, etc. It’s just that a chunk of the new talent can’t suit up this year due to transfer rules and academic limitations. So in this year’s scrimmage, Cooley matched up the players he’ll have on the floor against a team whose highlights will come only in practices.

“There was a little friendly bragging rights, that’s all,” said Ricky Ledo, the Providence native who made his only public appearance as a Friar this season. “We went at them pretty good but in the second half we fell down a bit.”

link Friar Basketball: Fortune, Johnson Make Noise at Mal Brown

For as impressive as Fortune was, more Friar fans appeared to be buzzing about Johnson afterwards.  He made three of four free throws, flashed a 15 foot jump shot, brought the ball up the floor after a rebound, but most significantly showed a willingness to throw his body around inside.

Most encouraging from this end was a rebound that he ripped down with one hand, while disregarding an opponent with his free arm.  That rebound didn’t come to Johnson, he took it from someone else.

notes CBS ranked the Top 50 points guards in the nation, and Vincent Council ended up 18th. Wut? Last year they did the Top 30 and VC was ranked #28.

link The Cowl: Working Behind the Scenes

What keeps them coming back to practice every day? For Anthony Notar ’15, the head manager for the Men’s Basketball Team, it is the sheer love of the sport combined with his dreams of becoming a head coach one day. He played basketball all through high school and sought a position as a manager his freshman year to stay connected with the sport.

After class each day, Notar must arrive at the gym 30 minutes before the team and set up equipment and bring out towels and water for practice. On average, he says, he dedicates about three to three and a half hours a day to basketball related activities. “The day-to-day responsibilities as manager can become tedious,” commented Notar, “but the overall experience is very rewarding and a necessary step in my plans to become a coach one day.”

notes Brandon Austin went to UConn this weekend and talked to Jim Calhoun. He plans on visiting Texas next, and is still considering Providence.

notes Ron Patterson plans on visiting Syracuse in the next few weeks, according to @ZagsBlog.

link New York Post: Brooks faces battle to be Nets’ 6th man

The Nets’ second-year shooting guard made his preseason debut last night, finishing with seven points in 15 minutes off the bench in a 115-85 loss to the Celtics after missing his team’s first three games with right foot tendinitis.

Before the game, Nets coach Avery Johnson made it clear that Brooks isn’t guaranteed of being the first player to come into the game.

“We’re not sure yet,” Johnson said. “We’re not going to box ourselves in.”

youtube YouTube: Kaleb Joseph 2eZ Mixtape #1 2014 Point Guard Vol. 2

Friar Basketball reported that big 2014 target Kaleb Joseph attended the Mal Brown game. He’s from Cushing Academy in New Hampshire, and currently sits at #64 overall in Rivals for 2014. This is not his first PC visit, and he made one this past June as well.

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