Friartown News and Notes 10.23.12

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The Ed Cooley “We’re gonna bite some asses” quote from BIG EAST Media Day really needed to have a Meme. Recaption away.

cooley bite

link Connecticut Post: Chris Elsberry: Providence, Cooley have chip on shoulder from coaches’ preseason poll

Coach Cooley, flashing his inner Walter White (sans meth making and drug dealing).

“(Those games) ate at me but I also realized that I was inheriting a team that just wasn’t close (chemistry-wise),” Cooley said. “And I think the closer that we become, those kind of games become easier to win, because our guys will play with a purpose of togetherness and not so much individually.”

To that extent, after cleaning house, as it were, Cooley made it a top priority to preach chemistry to his players.
“It was the number one thing we talked about after last season,” Cooley said. “Building chemistry toward success. That was the number one thing we talked about. This team has grown as far as chemistry. Our players are bonding more.”

notes On Saturday afternoon the Friars have their first exhibition game against Assumption. If you have season tickets this game is not included in your package. However, for a limited time you can get tickets for only 5 bucks. Pretty good deal if you haven’t checked out the new Alumni Hall yet.

notes Assumption is a D-II school that plays in the NE-10 conference. Last season, they finished 12-17 overall and 9-13 in conference play (12th place). They played PC last year too in Ed Cooley’s first real action on the court, and the Friars won 64-51.

youtube YouTube: Assumption Falls at Providence, 64-51, in Exhibition Game

Highlights from last year’s game.

link Wall Street Journal: Brooklyn’s Second-Year Rookie

Marshon also gave a quote about his playing days at Providence about shot selection. “I could have shot from half court”. The Keno Davis era, ladies and gentlemen!

Brooks seems to be getting the full treatment—”tough love,” as he calls it—from everyone. Even before the start of training camp, he was chastised by general manager Billy King for saying he wanted to win the NBA’s sixth man of the year award. King said Brooks should have bigger goals than that.

Brooks said he understood where King was coming from, but…”I mean, let’s be realistic,” he said. “I’m growing. I’m trying to make my way in this league. We got guys who are established, so I kind of understand what my role is going to be. I’m not stupid.”

Now, even that role may be in some doubt. Johnson said Thursday that he may not have a traditional sixth man this season. Brooks said that was news to him. “Whenever my name’s called, just go out there and try to provide energy,” he said.

twitter-bird-white-on-blue Bob Walsh Tweet

If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised that they didn’t finish 15th.

Cooley asked me yesterday at practice if I was surprised they were picked 15th. "Not really. I'll be surprised if that's where you end up."

link Taking Bad Schotz: Top Nine 3-Point Shooters In The Big East

I’ll give them a pass due to not knowing about what happened to the recruiting class, but love seeing Cotton and Henton get their due in this space for their great outside shooting. Soldier of (Josh) Fortune will be on here next year for sure.

5. Bryce Cotton, Junior, Providence: Due to Providence’s lack of success last season, not many people know about Cotton. Cotton quietly averaged 14.3 points on .413 shooting, including .379  (77 for 203) beyond the arc. With the impressive freshman class coach Ed Cooley has brought in, do not expect over 200 three-point attempts from the 6-1 guard again, but the percentage should only get better.

1. LaDontae Henton, Sophomore, Providence: Like Cotton, Providence’s mediocre 15-17 campaign last season deprived many people of watching this talented forward. Henton can score from anywhere is an excellent rebounder as well. Last season, he averaged 14.3 points, 8.6 rebounds and .a 396 three-point percentage, and with his freshman season under his belt, Henton is just going to get better. If the Friars can win a few more games this season, he is my pick for Big East Player of the Year. (Special thanks to Ari Kramer of for introducing me to Henton.)

picture Tyler Harris Instagram

Tyler Harris at the Mal Brown game. Kevin McNamara of the Projo (blue shirt to the left) looks on.


twitter-bird-white-on-blue DraftExpress Tweet

Double burn. Apparently they did not include Council in their Top 20 list of NBA Prospects in the BIG EAST. Just another ass to bite, right?

I have a tough time with guys with sub-40% FG%'s, especially from really bad teams. RT @ How come Vincent Council isn't on your list.
Jonathan Givony

link Rant Sports: Ranking the Top 10 Basketball Players in the Big East

Vincent Council #2. “Kobe-esque?”

Shifty. That’s what Pittsburgh Panthers guard Tray Woodall calls Providence guard Vincent Council. Tenacious and relentless, Council attacks a defense with authority. His “Kobe-esque” fade-aways and precision passing give opponents fits. Council led the league in assists, 7.5 per game and the team in scoring, 15. Friars coach Ed Cooley believes Council is the best point guard in the country, not just in the Big East.

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