Friartown News and Notes 10.29.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture Kadeem Batts Instagram

The inside force Friartown needs Kadeem Batts to be all season.


notes I hope everyone stays safe in the next coming days in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. There’s a high chance Friarblog headquarters are going to lose power at some point, so updates may just be relegated to Twitter. As far as the basketball team is concerned, apparently all students are being kept inside their buildings until 9am tomorrow morning according to the school website. Cooley should get a PS3 and do some coaching on NBA2k13.

link Sporting News: Big East preview: With Peyton Siva, Louisville stands above Syracuse, others

Good news, they think the Friars will finish 12th. Bad news, we apparently have no “must-know” story lines. At least they call out Vincent Council as the best passer in the league after snubbing him for the All-Conference team.

1. Louisville

2. Syracuse

3. Cincinnati

4. Notre Dame

5. Pitt

6. Marquette

7. Georgetown

8. South Florida

9. Seton Hall

10. Villanova

11. Rutgers

12. Providence

13. DePaul

14. Connecticut

15. St. John’s

youtube YouTube: 2012 Providence College Elite Camp | Team Ed Cooley Vs Team Andre La Fleur

The Basketball Diary posted all the games from the PC Elite Camp from August. This game is particularly interesting because Friar commit Rodney Bullock plays on LaFleur’s team. They are the black jerseys.

notes OH at Alumni: Ed Cooley to referee - ”It was a black hand who hit it our kid is white as a ghost”. Goldy or Bancroft? I say Goldy.

notes I still haven’t gotten around to creating a 2015 recruiting board, but it’s going to be pretty full by the time it’s up. Nathan Blue tweeted last night that 2015 combo guard Lenny Kadisha from NY will make a decision next summer and choose between Marquette, Florida, Rhode Island, Depaul, Providence, Arizona, and St.John’s. Kadisa was the Rookie of the Year on ESPN New York’s All-New York City Hoops team.

picture Ice Cotton Image

He knows kung fu.


link The Sun Chronicle: Unlikely sources contributing for PC

I like Bancroft’s attitude here. Don’t mess with White Lightning.

Bancroft knows that, the former Eastern Athletic Conference player now elbowing Big East players as opposed to Shamrocks from Bishop Feehan. “I’m in great shape, this is the shot that I’ve been waiting for,” said Bancroft, whose role is to play tough defense, rebound and take an open shot, if it presents itself.

“I don’t consider myself a walk on any more,” said Bancroft, who averaged 17 points and 12 rebounds a game as a senior at Bishop Stang, in addition to being a 2-handicap player for the Spartan golf team which finished third in the MIAA Division 2 State Tournament.

twitter-bird-white-on-blue posty92 Tweet

Like I said on Twitter, I don’t care if he did donuts in the quad while blasting music at 4am. Also, please note that I am joking, and do not think that the basketball players should be given preferential treatment. Just Macbooks.

Apparently Ricky Ledo is allowed to park his car right outside of Guzman? Ridiculous #pcbb
Ryan Post

notes When the Celtics originally drafted Marshon Brooks 25th overall, they traded him to the Nets for the rights to their 27th pick (JaJuan Johnson) and their 2014 second round pick. In July, Johnson was traded to the Houston Rockets. However, after they acquired James Harden from the Thunder this weekend, Johnson was waived. Nice trade, Brooklyn.

notes Speaking of the NBA – The season starts in two days and there is no word on if Ryan Gomes will be playing for anyone. That hasn’t stopped him from apparently getting celebrity photos done of him. Hey Ryan if you are free and don’t have to worry about money much, how about coming back to Providence to personally train LaDontae Henton!?

youtube YouTube: Kahari Beaufort Offical Mixtape

Beaufort was the 2014 PG who attended Late Night Madness that everyone was saying would give a commitment on the spot.

link Friar Basketball: Charting Batts’ Afternoon versus Assumption

Paging Louisville Kadeem Batts….

As Bilal Dixon proved a year ago, a big night against Assumption in the exhibition season is certainly no harbinger of what’s to come, but for a Friar squad that could use a scoring lift from Batts, especially early in the season, the confidence and touch the junior showed on his jump shoot was one of the more positive results from Saturday afternoon.

Batts finished 8-14 from the field, doing much of his damage when facing it.  After the Mal Brown scrimmage it was noted here how much more comfortable Batts looks facing up, versus with his back to the basket.  He’s struggled some to find the touch on his jump hook in the exhibition season, but his jump shot looked fluid and soft versus Assumption.

youtube YouTube: Matt Cimino 2014 Worcester Academy at the Adidas Invitational

Matt Cimino is a 6-10 forward from Worcester Academy. I don’t think he has an offer from PC yet, but he visited this past June.

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