Ed Cooley and Bob Walsh’s Late Night Meetup at a Gas Station

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Ed Cooley and Bob Walsh will be going head to head at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center on Saturday when the Friars take on Rhode Island College in an exhibition game. Their relationship is a little more intimate than the average two head coaches. In 2004 before the NCAA Tournament, Walsh (then an assistant for Tim Welsh’s PC team — the last one to make the NCAA’s) met Ed Cooley (then an assistant at Boston College) at a Mobil station on I-95 to exchange game film. Oh Dropbox, where were you in 2004. So Cooley, couldn’t you have given us some better material on Pacific? That video surely didn’t help.


This photo hangs in Bob Walsh’s office. (Photo New York Times)

The meeting was featured in the New York Times.

That was why Walsh was at a gas station in Attleboro, Mass., at 9:08 Sunday night. He met the Boston College assistant coach Ed Cooley to exchange videotapes of their N.C.A.A. tournament opponents.

Getting video is one of the biggest challenges of tournament preparation, especially if the opponent, like Pacific, has rarely played on television.

For the past two months, the Providence staff has recorded every televised game to create a video database. But when Walsh tried to tape the Big West final on Saturday night, he accidentally turned off the cable on the television. So when he popped the tape in Sunday night, instead of Pacific’s game against Cal State-Northridge, Walsh got ”Body By Jake” on a public-access channel.

”This could not be a worse draw as far as getting tapes and information,” Walsh said.

His fellow assistants Steve DeMeo and Phil Seymore spent the night on the phone getting scouting reports from teams like Canisius, Santa Clara and St. Joseph’s, who played Pacific this season.

Meanwhile, Walsh put together a bag of tapes of Boston College’s first-round opponent, Utah, and possible second-round opponents, Georgia Tech and Northern Iowa. Although they are conference rivals, the B.C. and Providence staffs get along well and routinely exchange tapes throughout the season. So Walsh met Cooley at their usual spot.

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