2012-2013 Player Preview Countdown: #6 Josh Fortune

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(Photo by Kevin Reilly)

Leading up until the season, Friarblog is counting down and profiling the Friar players who will be seeing the court this season.

Here are the previous rankings

#9. Lee Goldsbrough

#8. Brice Kofane

#7. Sidiki Johnson

#6. Josh Fortune

While introducing him as part of the recruiting class last year, Ed Cooley dubbed Josh Fortune from Virginia as the “Silent Weapon”. With the much publicized status of the other members of the class, all eyes will be on Josh Fortune to represent Cooley’s once heralded class.

Resources: Friars.com Profile, Daily Press Feature

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Nickname: Soldier of (Josh) Fortune

Stud stats: In the summer of 2011 Fortune played in the Nike Peach Jam for his AAU team Boo Williams (16 and under). In one of the games, he scored 24 points (all in the first half) with 5 made three pointers.

Dud stats: It’s hard to really point out any glaring problems based on his high school stats. However, Fortune did miss a few games and was sometimes limited due to back spams his senior year.

I know what you did last summer: Fortune obviously spent a lot of time in the gym, as he added 10-12 pounds since arriving on campus this summer. Either that or he was eating as much he could for fear of not being able to eat Ray Cafe food.

Know your role: There was a point in time when Josh Fortune would have been considered the 6th guard on the depth chart. As the third freshman in the highly recruited class, he was going to come off the bench, bag a couple threes here and there, and call it day. Then Gerard Coleman transfered, Kris Dunn got hurt, and the NCAA deemed Ricard Ledo ineligible. Instead of slowly easing his toes into the ocean, Fortune is going to have to run and jump in head first. When the “Iron 7″ are in full force for OOC play, Fortune could see starts or be the first guy off the bench. Once Sidiki Johnson and Kris Dunn are available, Fortune will still see plenty of valuable minutes if his offense is as far along as Cooley says.

Fun Fact: Fortune’s high school teammate last year Rodney Bullock will be joining the Friars next year.

Relevant Tune: The National – You’ve Done It Again, Virginia

Well you’ve done it again, Virginia

Made another masterpiece while I was dreaming

If Josh Fortune was a TV Show: Survivor – I have no idea if this show is actually still on (The only season I ever saw was the original when that dude from Rhode Island won), but the title is fitting. Among all the newcomers (even Ian Baker, who had verballed to play this year before tearing his ACL), Josh Fortune will be the only freshman to play early on in the season.

Best case scenario: Fortune hits the ground running and provides another great long range weapon for Ed Cooley’s offense. With the entire roster contributing in BIG EAST play, Josh Fortune provides instant offense coming off the bench. There are a couple games where he catches fire and contributes immensely to a win. Stats: 18 minutes per game, 8 points per game, 35% three point FG.

Worst case scenario: Fortune does well enough in out of conference play, but has trouble adjusting to the competition of BIG EAST play. He often has a hard time getting into rhythm with his outside shot, and doesn’t provide enough defense to justify more playing time. Stats: Less than 10 minutes played per game, Under 30% three point FG, 3 points per game.

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