Friars Need a Half to Get Going, Beat RIC 76-52

dave@friarblog —  November 3rd, 2012 10:57 PM —  Comments
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The first half wasn’t pretty for anyone involved, but several Friars stepped up after a probable hailstorm of Ed Cooley curses at halftime when his team was actually trailing Division III RIC by one. After struggling to find any offensive rhythm to start the game with Ice Cotton out and Kadeem Batts limited, PC and Josh Fortune shot lights out in the 2nd to win 76-52 in their final exhibition tuneup.

Let’s dish out some pasta to grade the performances.


Vincent Council - Coming out of the locker room right before the 2nd half started (there were no warmups, as Cooley wanted to keep chewing them), Vincent Council really took charge and got the offense going. That’s what a senior and All BIG EAST First Team member does. I’m guessing Cooley “gently” reminded VC of this at the half.

Lee Goldsbrough - Two points away from a double-double. Rebounded really well in the 1st half, and even chipped in offensively early on in the 2nd half when PC started to pull away. He had a big three point play after RIC cut the lead to 40-33 that was probably the turning point of the game. Goldy actually took 6 shots tonight, almost as much as the nine TOTAL he took last year. 4 assists and 2 steals as well.


Josh Fortune - Through most of the game, it seemed that Fortune was having one of those “freshman” type games. He had 6 turnovers, and wasn’t shooting terribly great. When the Friars were up 15 points with 5 minutes to go in the game, Fortune caught absolute fire and scored 16 more points (with 4 threes). Soldier of Fortune finished with 6 threes, prompting me to salivate over thinking about him and Ice playing together whilst both on Fire (and Ice).


LaDontae Henton – Finished with a quiet 13 points, but couldn’t find his long range shot. Had 7 boards and 4 steals, but just felt like a very un-buckets like game. There was a little great spurt towards the end where he really excelled in transition along with Council.

Kadeem Batts – Didn’t play much due to injury and foul trouble. Had a few nice plays offensively though.


Brice Kofane – RIC has a very small lineup, so I would have expected him to get about 75 blocks in tonight. He did have 2, but seemed quiet otherwise.

Ted Bancroft – There was no lightning in the Dunk tonight.

Some stat notes:

* The Friars shot 18-25 (72%) in the 2nd half after only hitting 8-26 (30.8%) in the first.

* RIC didn’t shoot well all game (29.8%), but stayed close in the first by playing tough defense and grabbing every loose ball. Bob Walsh’s team didn’t put up great stats, but they played hard.

* PC turned the ball over 12 times in the first, but only 5 times in the 2nd.

* RIC scored 27 points in the 2nd half. Josh Fortune had 19.

* Vincent Council played 40 minutes. Again.

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