Friartown News and Notes 11.8.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture Bryce Cotton Animated GIF

Much like Obama, I’ve been here for 4 years but haven’t brought the necessary change I should have to Friartown. I just realized today that I have made zero animated gifs in the history of this blog. Things are going to change. Here is an Ice Cotton one for your pleasure. Thank you for voting Friarblog.


notes According to Brendan McGair on Twitter, Bryce Cotton was seen at practice putting up some shots. Sounds like he’s going to be ready to go on Saturday. See, the animated GIF is already working.

notes Word is Brandon Austin is possibly making a decision in the next few days. After Kevin McNamara’s article in the Projo and general whispers around Friartown, I like Ed Cooley’s chances (yeah I know the other day I said I wouldn’t care until an official announcement is made yada yada yada). Texas and UConn are the other schools on his final list.

notes Vincent Council was named to the Preseason Top 50 for the John Wooden Award. ESPN said he’s one of the top and most underrated guards in the country. Yessir.

notes The folks behind CollegeBasketballTalk are doing a fantasy league consisting of all players in the nation. Vincent Council got taken 11th overall (4th pick in the 2nd round). Wow.

link CBS Sports: College Basketball Previews: It’s end of the Big East as we know it

When this story was first published, this was the final sentence:

“Bilal Dixon must be a factor on both ends for Providence to have a chance at a bid”

It was since removed, but REALLY!? C’Mon Matt Norlander! How will the Friars fare if Sharaud Curry can shoot lights out?

11. Providence Friars:

If Rickey Ledo was qualified to play with this team, I’d probably have Providence sixth. That’s how good he is and how much I think of his impact. As it stands, I think Providence is a pretty solid group, seeing how it could easily have the league’s best point guard by year’s end in Vincent Council. Will Bryce Cotton play with some toughness this year, though? And can Ed Cooley get any type of reliable play within 10 feet of the hoop? I can see Providence being a team that’s ultra-vexing in that it will absolutely steal two or three games against top-four Big East teams, then find itself getting boat-raced by Seton Hall and DePaul. Will be a fun team to watch, but guys like Kris Dunn — if he’s able to play; has an injury — will have to produce for PC to play to 11th-best.

link Detroit Free Press: Oakland’s Duke Mondy making a difference — on, off the court

I don’t think I ever heard what the actual reason was for why Ed Cooley didn’t keep him around (everyone on the messageboards alludes to it like they are in some special secret club), but sounds like he’s getting his life back in order. Good for him. I wish him luck this season. Can I get a one more Duuuuuuuuuuke!?

“I just use it as a learning experience,” Mondy said of the Providence problems. “I don’t regret anything I’ve done. I would say I’ve matured a lot, grown a lot. I was 18, 19 years old. I was not very mature. I think I’ve matured a lot during this whole transfer process.”

picture Josh Fortune Instagram

Fortune walked across the snow once, and it all melted because HE’S FIRE.


link The Sun Chronicle: A tale of two Friars

OR WE WILL GET HIM BACK IN TWO DAYS. Seriously though, does anyone think the NCAA is going to care that we have our first game on Saturday? I hope I’m pleasantly surprised.

The Friars will get rugged 6-foot-10 sophomore center-forward Sidiki Johnson, a transfer from Arizona, upon completion of his first semester of academics. By that time too, Cooley will have a fairer assessment of just when and how much highly-touted freshman guard Kris Dunn can contribute after recovering from offseason shoulder surgery.
“No one is going to feel sorry for the Friars,” said Cooley, whose first team was 15-17 overall, 4-14 in the Big East, lost six of its last eight games (though four were by 10 points or less) and have been pegged as the last place team in the Big East this season.

picture PCAthletics Tweet

Can’t say I would have marched from Ray to the Dunk when I was in school, but a free T-shirt is a free T-shirt.


link Boston Sports Nut: College Basketball: Providence Friars Season Preview

One of the better season previews I have come across. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve sucked a big turd for the better part of the last 3 seasons, but in general no one seems to want to even attempt to do the research to get our up to date roster situation. Yeah generic PC preview, if Ian Baker can start to mesh with Kiwi Gardner, our team will be on to something. Kudos to Boston Sports Nut for the detailed and correct preview.

The early reports coming in indicate that Council and Fortune are already gelling together quite well. Batts has also said he spent his summer tuning up his game as part of a Pro-Am tournament in NY that will help with his game on the court and his focus off of it. He has reportedly spent the summer split pretty evenly between the court and the weight room, and is ready to step up and carry the load in the paint for this team.

Those things being said, I don’t expect a huge jump from this team this season, however I DO expect to see them start really building something for the future here. While many expect Ledo to be a “one-and-done” player, he’s assured the Friars he’ll be back for his sophomore season. If that happens, and the Friars are able to line up Dunn/Ledo/Henton/Batts/anyone for next season, they’ll be a pretty tough team. Right now, however, between injuries and academic issues, most of what made this recruiting class the gem that it was has been lost- or at least, delayed.

notes The Nets dropped another game, this time getting blown out by 30 points against the Heat. Marshon Brooks scored 12 points (5-7 form the field) in 19 minutes of play.

link Ed Cooley Radio Show Dates Announced

If you are in the Providence area you should check out the Ed Cooley Radio Show in person.

Upcoming Ed Cooley Radio Shows:

Thursday, November 29 – Audi Warwick – 1517 Bald Hill Road * Warwick, RI 02886

Wednesday, December 19 – B. Pinelli’s Restaurant – 736 North Broadway * East Providence, RI 02914

Thursday, January 10 – Murphy’s Law – 2 George Street * Pawtucket, RI 02860

Thursday, February 7 – Hannoush Jewelers – 685 Bald Hill Road * Warwick, RI 02886 (date subject to change)

Thursday, February 28 – TBD Location

Thursday, March 7 – TBD Location

Monday, March 11 – PJ Clarke’s in NYC – 44 West 63rd Street * Manhattan, NY 10022

Thursday, March 28 – Audi Warwick – 1517 Bald Hill Road * Warwick, RI 02886

TBD – TBD Location (set for end of April/early May)

youtube YouTube: Friartown’s Cash Cab: Episode 1


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