2012-2013 Player Preview Countdown: #1 Vincent Council

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councilLeading up until the season, Friarblog is counting down and profiling the Friar players who will be seeing the court this season.

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#1. Vincent Council

On the road to a potential All-BIG EAST First Team performance while breaking Vinnie DeGregorio’s all-time assist record at Providence College, Vincent Council will surely get his fair due of recognition in his final college basketball season. The question is, will Council be able to lift up and lead his teammates to more wins than the 4 BIG EAST games won in each of his first three seasons?

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Nickname: VC

Follow: @V_Council32 (private)

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Stud stats: It was pretty amazing how Council held up despite being on the court for practically every minute of the season. With a much higher usage rate, VC got an assist on 43% of his possessions leading to 7.5 assists per game (4th ranked nationally, 1st in the BIG EAST). In nine games he had double digit assists, six coming in conference play.

Dud stats: Constantly driving at breakneak speed with not a lot of guys that can finish for you can have some drawbacks. Council’s decision making and carelessness sometimes led to games with large amount of turnovers. In the first three BIG EAST games, VC upt up 19 total turnovers. Overall he had 5 games where he turned the ball over at least 5 times, all resulting in PC losses. Additionally, Council didn’t have an all around great shooting year (29% from three, 39.1% overall).

I know what you did last summer: Played in some games at the Dyckman Tournament in NY.

Know your role: As the lone senior on the team who has by far the most game experience, Council is the leader of the team. The ball will be in his hands most of time, and the team will generally go as he does. PC now has several shooters capable of producing on offense, so Council will not be as pressured to carry the offense all the time. They just need to get open, and he will find them. One thing to watch this season is how Cooley uses him at the point guard position once Kris Dunn is healthy. If Council has improved his shooting, he can potentially play off the ball every now and then and be a lot less taxed towards the end of the season.

Relevant Tune: You Carried Us – Portugal. The Man.

You carried us all
Down from the stars
And up from the sea (Where everybody knew)
All you see, and all you hear
Is all you need, and all you breathe
While you create
And it’s in your mind

If Vincent Council was a TV Show: Fringe – In my opinion, one of the best shows out there. It’s very well received in the TV media community, but not everyone really knows about it. Sadly, it’s also in it’s last season but should go out with a bang.

Best case scenario: Council puts a stamp on his Friar legacy with tremendous all around season that leads to as many conference wins as the last two seasons combined. A vastly improved long range shot gives PC four players capable of consistently knocking down the shot, taking some of the pressure off of the front court. The addition of Kris Dunn in December allows Council to further grow his game, and helps him stay fresh March. The biggest part of the season for him comes at the Garden, where Council’s dominance helps PC win two BIG EAST Tourney games. First Team All-BIG EAST. Stats: 19 points per game, 8 assists per game, 46 FG %, 37% from downtown.

Worst case scenario: Council puts up strong overall numbers again, but shows some slight regression on offense to keep him from taking the step forward as the best in the country. His three point shot just doesn’t seem to click, and turnovers spurts keep the Friars from maintaining a consistent offense in BIG EAST play. Vince still needs to play 40 minutes per game, and he tails off towards the end of the season, culminating in another bad loss in the BIG EAST Tournament to close out his PC career. 2nd Team All BIG EAST. Stats: 39.999999 minutes per game, 16 points per game, 40% fg, 7.5 assists per game.

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