T.G.I.F: Thoughts Generated In Friartown

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TGIF-ABCHeartbreaking loss to UMASS last night. Outstanding effort and Providence deserved a better fate.

However this is another one of those close and late situations that the Friars faced a number of times last year and could not close.

LaDontae Henton is a great player and he gave his usual max effort last night, as evidenced by yet another double-double. That said, regardless of what you think of the charge call, it was an off night for Henton offensively and the last possession should have focused on Cotton and Batts, and not Buckets.

This tournament will help the team adjust to life without Vincent Council.

Here’s hoping Dan Dakich loses his voice. #BRUTAL!!!

When Council went down just minutes into Providence’s opener versus NJIT it was an eerie scene inside the Dunk as Friar fans looked on in stunned silence. Their immediate thoughts having nothing to do with any impact the injury could have on the Friars’ season, and everything to do with what it could mean for Council’s bright future.

Then another collective long distance gulp when Bryce Cotton appeared to get hurt in the early going last night.

Based on what it looked like initially, VC is fortunate to have come away with only a bad strain.

Given the injury to Vincent Council, Ed Cooley stated in his press conference after the NJIT game that he would hold emergency walk-on try outs on Sunday morning. However the NCAA stepped in and put the tryouts on hold clearly because Cooley is stashing studs in Western Civ and making them pay for school.

I have never seen the NCAA act so quickly. At least we know what they are focused on now.

Ed Cooley and company seemingly did a great job balancing the psyches of Council individually and the team collectively as the Friars came out just two days later with great energy against a Bryant team that believed they could win and put them away early, while by all accounts Council received tremendous support.

Council was quoted in a Providence Journal piece by Bill Reynolds saying he would be out four to five weeks. That projects his return for Colgate game on 12/18, meaning he would miss seven games. I’ll take it in a heartbeat.

But what a story it would be if he was somehow ready to come back for 12/6 for the URI game.

How does NJIT play in a league called the Great West Conference? Then again, Boise State is heading into the Big East so why not!

And Temple just got put into the Big East’s “West Division” for football so I’ll stop now.

It will be tougher sledding without Vincent Council for sure but these are the times you find out things you never would have otherwise due to the forced opportunities, and that just might pay dividends down the line.

Kadeem Batts is starting to look like the player we hoped and thought he would be.

That is, Kadeem “Sale Final” Batts, who is drawing more charges than Amazon.com.

And keep a close eye on Ted Bancroft. He’s got some game and his confidence is growing.

Going back to Monday night for a second, walking into the Dunk I wasn’t sure if I was at the Bryant game or an investment banker convention what with all the suits.

And Bryant is supposed to be the business school?

At least I wasn’t being audited.

Suits >; Tommy Bahamas though. Not the best look for the big guy.

What would we do without Bryce “Ice” Cotton?



Ice continues to impress.

Ed Cooley referred to Cotton as ‘elite’ this week.

The same Cotton who just a few short years ago was a quiet (aptly so) late addition by Keno Davis. A kid who seemed to have talent and athleticism but appeared to be trapped in the wrong sized body.

Ice is a great example that sometimes you have to watch someone play and just trust what your eyes tell you.

It didn’t hurt that he worked that hitch out of his jumper between his freshman and sophomore years either.

Cotton seemed to right the ship from the free throw line last night, going eight for eight. Prior to that he had struggled, missing six free throws in the first two games as compared to a grand total of eleven last year (90-101, 89.1%).

Speaking of free throws, if the Friars hope to be competitive they will need to shoot at least a respectable percentage from the line. So far they are by today’s standards, but just barely, at 72.5% (50-69).

Kris Dunn has been participating in pregame warm ups with the team.

Dunn has also been flashing some dance moves in the team huddle after introductions to get his boys amped up. This is captured on the big screen at the Dunk and is a good to catch on with the crowd as well.

I like Twitter. #pcbb baby!

Detractors of Twitter point to its negativity and misinformation. There are knuckleheads and frauds in all aspects of life. Why should we expect this not to permeate to Twitter? The difference with Twitter is you have control over what you consume.

For those who were looking for confirmation that the relationship between Providence College and AAU power BABC had been fractured, if you were on Twitter following PC’s win over NJIT I think you got it.

Old friends Gerard Coleman and Ron Giplaye are BABC alums as are recent Connecticut transfers Alex Oriakhi and Jamal Coombs-McDaniel.

This is just an opinion but it felt like a positive sign for Providence’s chances with 6’9” center Goodluck Okonoboh when he reclassified to the class of 2014 and changed schools from Tilton to Wilbraham and Monson.

Can I reclassify back to my 20s?

Connecticut posted a big upset win over then #14 Michigan State in Kevin Ollie’s debut. A Spartan team that subsequently took out #7 Kansas on Tuesday.

It is early for sure but at what point do the decision makers in Storrs start to regret giving Ollie a one-year deal just as a way to spite Jim Calhoun, who was pushing for Ollie?

I think Andre Drummond would have stayed at Connecticut had they not been ruled ineligible for postseason play.

A few items from the “What Could Have Been” department:

For those of you looking for some company for your misery, St. John’s newcomer Orlando Sanchez has yet to be ruled a qualifier, as a decision has yet to be announced.

Red Storm Head Coach Steve Lavin is considering a red shirt season for senior forward God’sgift Achiua, with the premise being that JaKarr Sampson will be one-and-done after this year.

Chris Obekpa had eight blocks in the Johnnies opener against Detriot. Eight. With an E.

And now back to our regular programming:

I drove by an Adam & Eve Superstore the other day. Adam & Eve has superstores. Think about that for a second.

No, I did not go in.

Kiwi Gardner is playing at Midland (Junior) College (TX). Midland is currently 4-0 and ranked 16th in this week’s NJCAA division I rankings.

If you are scoring at home, overtime has expired and this post has ended in a tie.

Have a great weekend Friartown. Be safe.

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