What I’m Thankful For in Friartown

dave@friarblog —  November 22nd, 2012 9:00 AM —  Comments
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I don’t know if you’ve noticed this lately, but things doesn’t always come up Friartown. Despite all of the unfortunate injuries, eligibility and transfer issues, heartbreaking losses, and conference doom and gloom, believe it or not there is still plenty to be thankful for right now in Friartown.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful that we have Ed Cooley and his staff running, rebuilding, and representing our basketball program. It’s crazy to think how utterly awful things were in March of 2011 compared to what’s in store going forward.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful Vincent Council’s injury wasn’t more serious. He’s been through a tough three years, and deserves to have a season where something goes right. There’s still time.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful that God Shammgod decided to come back the same year that our point guards have all had the luck of Brian.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful we get to see Bryce Cotton improving in ways we would never think, and that he has almost two years left to keep doing it.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful that Cotton did not transfer this spring.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful the OOC schedule this year is not very strong.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful that Ed Cooley has kept and brought in players that want nothing but to be Friars, who want to be part of one big family all with the same goals.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful Cooley landed another big recruit, beating out UConn during all this conference realignment crap. God damn that felt great.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful for the lightbulb that went on for Kadeem Batts so far this year. I hope no one turns it off in January.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful for all of you that read this blog despite my insanity and basketball “analysis”. I’d be even more thankful if you spoke up in the comments more!!

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful that Josh Fortune stuck with Friartown, even though the coach he committed to was (rightfully) kicked to the curb.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful Fortune played with a talented forward in high school.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful for the people who contribute to the site, who always write better stuff than I ever can.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful we have 3 talented players practicing hard every day even though they will not play in any games this season.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful we get to listen to one of the best play by play guys in the business in John Rooke. You realize this after watching broadcasts that think Ledo is hurt, Dunn can practice but can’t play, and we only have 7 guys available to practice right now.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful that Sidiki Johnson is getting a 2nd chance, and that chance is with Ed Cooley.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful that Ricky Ledo is still at Providence College, and still committed to playing basketball here next year.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful to be a part of the #pcbb community on Twitter. I’ve interacted with so many great people who are incredibly passionate about the basketball team even during the rock bottom times. I can’t even fathom what it’s going to be like when the W’s start coming.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful to have a walk-on that can play 45 minutes in one game and find ways to contribute to the team.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful for the occasional shock that is a Lee Goldsbrough dunk.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful I to get to watch a Friar play in the NBA in a local market.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful that Michigan or Michigan State are not reaping the benefits of our Mr. Buckets right now. Your loss, dudes.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful for FriarTV. You are doing God (Shammgod)’s work, whoever you are.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful to be a witness to many future KOFANE’d opponents trying to bring weak ass shots to the paint.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful to have a McDonald’s All-American play for the Friars this year, no matter how shortened his season will be.

turkey-icon2 I’m thankful to be a part of the Friar Family. Us. We. Family. Together. Friars!

Happy Thanksgiving, Friartown!

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  1. Prov97 says:

    And the Friar community is thankful for you Friarblog guy. Thanks for keeping the Friar community informed through this blog and twitter. The future is bright in Friartown!

    1. friarblog says:

      Thank you, and have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!!

  2. thanks for keeping this Friar (’97) well-informed. I’m thankful for the upward trend under Cooley and that my 9 year-old son gets to watch a great program like I did back in the Shamgod/Pumpkinhead days.

  3. Paul Bell says:

    I didn’t remember that Fortune was Keno recruit. Glad he decided to stay.

    1. friarblog says:

      Yeah he commited to PC before his junior year of HS in summer of 2010