T.G.I.F: Thank God It’s Friartown

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TGIF-ABCHope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Of course there is nothing like Turkey Day leftovers, and tonight we will be feasting on Stags, the Fairfield variety.

This was a good news, bad news week. We saw the Friars gain a huge signing from 2013 guard Brandon Austin, who was also considering national powers Connecticut and Texas. On the other hand, the Big East and college sports took another step toward complete homogenization when it was learned that Rutgers will be joining the Big Ten.

On the surface the departure of bottom feeder Rutgers would not be so devastating, but given the Big Ten also lured Maryland from the ACC means that either Connecticut or Louisville is soon to defect, and that would serve as the death knell to the Big East as we know it.

Is television slowly killing college football and basketball? Somewhere along the line, the balance of power shifted from the schools and conferences to the TV networks that play for nothing but money.

It is way beyond time the Big East’s ‘basketball only’ Athletic Directors and Presidents exerted some influence. At the heart of it, the Big East is a basketball conference and, regardless of how dollars and cents add up on the gridiron, its future depends on hoops. There is no question that football dominates the ledger but the fact of the matter is television networks need calendar continuity from January through March, and a top flight basketball league based in the east would attract dollars….and players.

That said, forming a “Catholic league” will be that much more difficult given the new found strength of the Atlantic 10 with the additions of Butler and VCU but, as always, if there is money to be made you can throw loyalty out the stained glass window.

If the Big East could somehow keep hoop-centric Memphis and Temple with its current core basketball programs to form the basis of a league, sign me up.

Capitalism does not rest with college sports. I received 14 catalogs in the mail the other day.

Getting a commitment from Brandon Austin was no small feat, and it speaks volumes about the recruiting ability of Ed Cooley and his staff.

And to think, back when Ed Cooley was hired by PC some pundits out there put his recruiting acumen in the con column.

Not officially a 2013 class when it comes to rankings of such things, but you will be hard pressed to find a program that rolls out a better group of newcomers next year than Providence with Ricky Ledo, Carson Desrosiers, Tyler Harris, Rodney Bullock and Brandon Austin.

Come to think of it, that group would be a heck of a starting five in some places.

For such a lousy football league, the Big East’s teams sure are popular.

But who can argue with the Big Ten for coveting that lucrative Piscataway market!

Here’s wishing Rutgers the same success and relevance they have garnered to this point.

So the Big East needs a school with a decent basketball tradition and no football? I’ve got it! Boston College!

Georgetown’s Otto Porter is flat out good.

Ed Cooley’s substitution patterns have been flawless so far this year.

It was reported that Kris Dunn asked Cooley if he could play in Puerto Rico against Penn State once it was known that Bryce Cotton would need to sit it out.

Cooley correctly denied Dunn’s request and Josh Fortune, who seemed to gain confidence in his ball handling during the UMASS game as he was forced to deal with the Minutemen’s pressure, assumed point guard duties.

LaDontae Henton is forcing it.

The trade deadline will be friendly to the Friars.

The Sidiki Files apparently remain closed in Indianapolis.

Per Kevin McNamara of the Providence Journal, the Friars will play in the Hall of Fame Tip-Off at Mohegan Sun in 2014.

KMac also reported on a couple of people who once, unfortunately, were on the Friars’ roster. Johnnie Lacy has been jailed at the ACI in Cranston since May (ten year sentence with three to serve) and this week James Still pled guilty to felony assault, serious bodily injury for the senseless and severe 2010 beating of classmate Yerkin Abdrakhmanov. Still faces a maximum sentence of 20 years.

No Matt Barkley lessens the intrigue but Notre Dame versus USC is still huge given what’s at stake for the Irish.

Would have loved to see Oregon reach the BCS title game just to see the unis the Ducks broke out.

It is amazing that most top tier college football programs do not have reliable kickers.

When it comes to NFL analysts Chris Collinsworth is the best, and it is not close.

At what point does Rex Ryan get held accountable for the train wreck that is the New York Jets?

Division III Grinnell College’s Jack Taylor scored NCAA record 138 points on Tuesday. Taylor hit 27 threes. No, he was not playing against a Keno Davis coached team. It just seemed like it.

Aided by Taylor’s efforts, Grinnell hung 179 points on Faith Baptist Bible and won by 75. What do you think Ohio State will do to Rutgers?

Game night baby! See you at the Dunk.

Have a great weekend Friartown. Be safe.

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