Bryce Cotton Doubtful for URI Game, Kris Dunn Unlikely (UPDATED)

dave@friarblog —  December 3rd, 2012 3:12 PM —  Comments
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Anyone else got a case of the Moondays? The latest news in Friartown regarding the Friars next game against URI on Thursday surely will not help. Adam Zagoria spoke with Ed Cooley today, and apparently Bryce Cotton is going to be out of commission for a week with a really sore knee. Considering how serious the injury could have been, that is actually really good news. However, Ice will still miss the big rivalry game against the Rams leaving the team with no point guard yet again. There was speculation that Kris Dunn would make his PC debut considering the dire roster situation, but Zagoria also tweeted that Ed Cooley said only 6 players (The “Sexy Six”) will be available. Looks like Cooley is playing it safe regarding Kris Dunn’s shoulder, and he will give it another two weeks for a likely debut in the first game of the 2nd semester (December 18th against Colgate).

There hasn’t been much about when Vincent Council is expected to return, but there are rumblings that the injury may be a little worse than expected.

UPDATE: Apparently Cotton has NOT been ruled out, and neither has Dunn. *Throws hands up in the air*

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  1. Friar Blackman says:

    When are we going to know if Cotton or Dunn will play Thursday vs. that stupid school

    1. friarblog says:

      Sounds like it could be a gametime decision

  2. Daniel James says: