Ryan Gomes’ Charity Foundation Saves Life of Utah State Player Danny Berger

dave@friarblog —  December 7th, 2012 7:05 PM —  Comments
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Early this week, Utah State junior Danny Berger collapsed at practice and stopped breathing, but was thankfully revived and taken to the hospital. What saved him? An Automated External Defibrillator. Does that sound familiar? Ryan Gomes created the Hoops for Heart Health Foundation to help address the problem of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in high school, college, and pro sports. Those machines are exactly what Gomes helps donate.

According to the website:

“I started Hoops For Heart Health to bring together the basketball community in order to raise awareness to the growing problem of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in student athletes,” said Gomes. “If we can save just one life, it makes all of our efforts worthwhile.”

Well, according to USUfans, the defibrillator used to save Berger was in fact donated by Gomes.

Thanks to AGGIEFIGHT on USUFans.com I learned today that this device was donated to Utah State University by NBA player Ryan Gomes. Before Gomes made it to the NBA, he had an AAU teammate who passed away after collapsing in a pre game warmup session simply because an AED was not available to save him. Gomes teamed up with a charity known as Hoops for Heart Health with a goal of donating AED’s to schools and Rec
centers around the country.

Friartown should be very proud of Ryan, and what he has been able to accomplish off the court.

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