T.G.I.F: Thank God It’s Friartown 12.14.12

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Forget about Friday. Thank God for exam week!  With the relative quiet on Big East campuses it finally got Presidents and Athletic Directors of the basketball-centric schools bored enough to say “Hey, maybe we should take a meeting on this whole realignment thing.”

It is fitting that the “Catholic” school leadership met on a Sunday to discuss their future, and not surprising at all that a split appears imminent.

I have said it before and I will say it again, people don’t just show up to conference realignment talks for the free FRESCA.  When these meetings occur, swift action typically follows.

Fresca.  The official beverage of conference realignment.

FRESCA. The official beverage of conference realignment. (Or bad posts about conference realignment)

Ed Cooley has come up with some creative names for his short-handed active roster this year.  Along those lines, can we call the Big East’s basketball schools the “Sacred Seven”?

The Pope goes on Twitter and the Big East “Catholic” schools take action.  The power of social media.

For a day or so Temple was the most powerful entity in college sports as many falsely believed and reported that the Philadelphia school held a full vote and could stand in the way of a basketball only majority.

No dice for Temple in keeping their Big East dreams alive but it is a little known fact that they can enact an esoteric governmental rule of procedure called the Owl Clause which would allow them to break up Washington D.C. gridlock and resolve the fiscal cliff.

All that said, kudos to the Providence Journal’s Kevin McNamara for his reporting on the activities of the basketball schools and the various legal and bylaw particulars.  He has had it nailed from the start.

I agree with Kevin that ten seems like the ideal number of teams for a new league.  Quality over quantity with some potentially awesome non-conference scheduling encouraged.

And, while I am not sure this was completely due to honor and loyalty across the board, kudos to the Sacred Seven for ultimately sticking together through this mess.

How do you think Mike Aresco is feeling about taking that Big East Commissioner’s job right about now?

Now let the fighting begin!

If the split does happen it will be key for the hoop league to retain the Big East name.  From a practical standpoint it makes all the sense in the world given the geography of the players involved and league’s foundation as a basketball conference but common sense will probably be the last thing that comes into play here.

The good news is people tend to like money when it comes to negotiating and, ironically due to the mass exodus, the Big East has some to work with in the form of exit fees, to go along with NCAA Tournament units.

There has been some talk about how Ed Cooley will integrate Kris Dunn and Sidiki Johnson (along hopefully with Vincent Council at some point soon) into the lineup.  I have the answer.  They are going to play…quite a bit.

Seriously, it is a nice problem to have for sure and the three remaining games leading up to Big East play will provide some valuable on the job training.

Further, these things have a way of working themselves out but it is important not to expect too much too soon.  Dunn and Johnson are talented young players, with the key word being young.

When talking about defensive philosophy Ed Cooley often refers to forcing opponents into ‘tough twos’. Does that make Keno Davis’ the era of the ‘terrible twos’?

Johnny Manziel did a good job with his Heisman acceptance speech. Poised and gracious in the moment, which is probably a big reason he was a on that stage to begin with.

Temple invented the Internet.

The Automated External Defibrillator that saved the life of Utah State’s Danny Berger, who collapsed in practice last week, was donated to the university by Ryan Gomes’ Hoops for Heart Health Foundation.

This is a treamendous example of charitable contributions being put to work, and a reminder to please pick your favorite charitable organization(s) and give what you can.

And charitable contributions are tax deductable!!!

….at least for the next two weeks or so.

Have a great weekend Friartown.  Be safe.

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  1. FriarFan16 says:

    When is council likely to return?

    1. FriarFrenzy says:

      Council’s return is subject to speculation but there is buzz out there that he could be back for BC or Brown. Thanks.

    2. FriarFrenzy says:

      And just saw VC tweet himself that he might be back for one of those games….

      1. friarblog says:

        The players usually want to jump in before the coaches and docs do though. Remember, Dunn has been saying he could play for weeks..EC could say otherwise