Friartown News and Notes 12.17.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place



link A Jersey Guy: Big East ready to respond

So is this the Old Big East, or our basketball Big East? Can we use OBE and BBBE?

According to sources in the Big East, Arseco and company are planning on exploring  the following moves.

1.   Sell the name “”Big East”” to the basketball schools after getting some assurances from the NCAA that the cost of losing the Big East name will not cost them too much in the lucrative NCAA basketball tournament. If the name is sold to the new Big East, the old Big East will petition the NCAA to get a 32nd guaranteed spot for its champion.

Aresco’s contention is that a basketball league with Connecticut, Cincinnati, Memphis and Temple has a decent foundation to build.

2. Give East Carolina full membership (the original deal was football only) which would give the new league an Eastern group of Cincinnati, UConn, South Florida, Temple, East Carolina, Central Florida, Tulane and in 2015 Navy.

link College Basketball Talk: Cooley: “We’re excited” about move away from Big East


The Big East was changing every single day.  There were nontraditional schools being invited and I’m pretty sure it just wasn’t in the best interests of them all.  But we’re excited.  We’re real excited about the direction. I don’t know what’s going to happen from here, I just know it’s going in a different direction. And Providence College has solidified itself as far as what we’re doing to be a powerful player in whatever league we’re going to be in.”

link Casual Hoya: What Will The New Conference of The Chosen Ones Be Called?

Well if that sale of the name doesn’t go through, Casual Hoya has some good backups, like Hamsterdam. I am a little disappointed ”The Conference of God Shammgod” was not mentioned.

The “Maybe Some Large Corporation Will Pay Us Millions of Dollars for the Rights to Name this Conference, and We Should Jump on That” Conference
Everybody Loves Raymond (because that’s just a good show)
The Conference that Doesn’t have Syracuse
(Just a symbol of a basketball. No name.)
The Conference Call
Homeland (because our ratings would be amazing)

link How Big East’s basketball schools decided to finally break off to form their own conference

Great recap of what has gone down in the conference over the years.

The seven schools — Seton Hall, St. John’s, Villanova, Georgetown, Marquette, DePaul and Providence — had been wary of the addition but were still willing to stomach it based on the promise of a lucrative television rights contract Aresco was supposed to be delivering. But three days before the meeting, a report broke the news that a TV rights deal with the decaying league could be worth as little has half of what the Big East was estimating it would command.

It turned out to be the final straw for the league’s basketball schools.

link ESPN: Mike Tranghese: Blame me

I blame Rutgers.

“If they want to blame someone, blame me,” Tranghese said. “The thing the Big East didn’t have was a football leader — a Florida, Alabama or USC — a team that contended for the national championship every year or carried the league. It wasn’t strong enough football-wise.”

notes Tomorrow night I’m thinking Sidiki Johnson gets the start, just because of how thin the Friars front court is. He’ll be rusty, but he’s completely healthy. Even though Kris Dunn is the only true point guard available now, I still think he will come off the bench. Bryce Cotton will just fine against Colgate.

notes Speaking of Bryce Cotton, has Ice going FORTY FIFTH TO DENVER IN THE 2014 NBA DRAFT. That is amazing.

youtube WPRI: Ted Bancroft: Cardi’s Hometown Sports Hero

notes Vincent Council said on Twitter over the weekend that he is going to play in the Brown or BC game. Adam Zagoria then tweeted today Council was getting ready to play in the BC game (which is this Saturday). His PC info hasn’t been all that great lately though. We’ll see what Cooley says postgame tomorrow night.

youtube YouTube: Nate Robinson’s BLOCK OF THE YEAR on MarShon Brooks

Oh Marshon. This guy is 5’9 man!

picture Marshon Brooks GIF

Well at least he did this against the Knicks.


notes Brandon Austin last played on Saturday in Brooklyn against Lincoln, scoring 17 points in his team’s 3rd straight victory to open the season. Ed Cooley and Bob Simon were in attendance to watch their future player. Imhotep Charter plays next tomorrow. Rodney Bullock scored 19 points in Kecoughtan’s latest victory on Thursday. They are 5-1 after two wins last week, and don’t play until December 28th.

notes Friar super target of 2014 Jalen Lindsey just picked up his 16th high major offer today. Next in line is Missouri according to his coach on Twitter. He is going to be a tough one for Cooley.

youtube YouTube: Artland Dragons – Fantalk mit Ryan Gomes – 15.12.2012

Ryan Gomes talks about one of his games with the Dragons in Germany. Oh you crazy Europeans with your backwards dates and FANTALK.

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