T.G.I.F: Thank God It’s Friartown 12.28.12

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TGIF-ABCDid the Friars really lose to Boston College or did I just have too much spiked eggnog?

What? Both?

OK, so the loss to Boston College was a bit of a bubble-burster.

But how do you go to a place called Chestnut Hill during Christmas time and expect to get out of there with a win?

Seriously though, going on the road is a different animal. This program has been made tremendous strides since Ed Cooley took over, but the work in progress continues. The next challenge along the curve is to become a tough road team.

The Eagles’ Ryan Anderson netted a career-high 24 against the Friars while freshman point guard Oliver Hanlan (17 points, 12 rebounds) tallied his first collegiate double-double.  Career days by opposing players are another disturbing trend Cooley and company have to mitigate moving forward.

ESPN’s Fran Fraschilla, a former Providence assistant and head coach at St. John’s, Manhattan and New Mexico, offered an interesting perspective during Kansas State’s upset victory over Florida last Saturday night.  He said that as a coach he always worried about games during the holiday break period because it was tougher to keep his team mentally prepared and focused given players were coming off exams and looking forward to heading home for a few days.

On the flip side, the Friars did not play well at all against Boston College, and were basically without LaDontae Henton a shadow of himself who struggled with the flu and scored a career low four points, but still managed to be right there in the end on the road in a rivalry game.

While the team was not together for the full six days between games, the extended layoff probably still helped players and staff to continue to get a comfort level with each other given the additions of Kris Dunn and Sidiki Johnson.

And hey, with a win over Brown your Friars will be Rhode Island state champs!

Not to mention the Governor’s Cup will be filled with tax credits for all!

Providence versus Brown at the Pizzitola Sports Center was a great idea.  The atmosphere should be fantastic.  A little old school flavor to it.

Jimmy Chitwood will not be walking through that door but it does look like Vincent Council will be back tonight, in a limited role.

Don't get caught watching the paint dry.

Don’t get caught watching the paint dry.

Speaking of Hoosiers, how do you think Sidiki would feel about the Norman Dale ‘four passes’ offensive philosophy?

About as comfortable as Greedy Peterson, perhaps?

No college basketball season is made or broken in late December but I feel like this Brown game should be approached as a must-win by the Friars.  They need to prove to themselves that they can play well and win on the road, as well as rebuild some momentum heading into Big East play.

Speaking of Big East play and road games, Sport Illustrated’s Luke Winn has Louisville winning it all this year.

Winn also said, as many now have, the Sacred Seven will form a league of 12, adding Xavier, Dayton, Butler, St. Louis and Creighton.

Sign me up.

Former St. Ray’s and Vermont star (not to mention Syracuse slayer), T.J. Sorrentine, is Brown’s Associate Head Coach on head man Mike Martin’s staff.

In case you missed it.  Friar targets: Kaleb Joseph, Abdul Malik Abu, Jared Terrell and Donovan Mitchell were all in attendance on Saturday at BC.

The Belk Bowl?  Really?

What the heck is a Belk?

Happy New Year Friartown.  Be safe.

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