T.G.I.F: Thank God It’s Friartown 01.18.13

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-The Friars defense had something to do with Georgetown shooting the lights out on Wednesday (53% overall, 42% 3PT) but the way the Hoyas lock you down on the defensive end, they will be very tough for anyone to beat if they shoot well.

-It was fantastic to get a convincing win on the road against Seton Hall but, honestly, the defense was not tremendous in that game either.   The Pirates made many unforced errors.

-Although the Friars, to their credit, took advantage and never looked back.

-The second half against Georgetown was a valiant effort and showed us a second example (DePaul attempted comeback) that this team has the ability to be successful using an up tempo style.

-Ed Cooley, as reported in Thursday’s Providence Journal, said the game plan versus Georgetown was to pick up the pace right away, but it blew up in smoke because of the Friars inability to execute offensively and score in the early going.


-In other words, you can’t press if you can’t score.

-Kind of like you can’t steal first base.

-Hopefully Cooley and company are considering using the up tempo, pressing style on a consistent basis as it could mask some of the Friars defensive warts.

-Plus, the rotation is filling out and by going up tempo the strengths of another capable player, Ted Bancroft who is valuable in the press, can be maximized.

-I like an aggressive press as opposed to a passive one.  Put as much stress on your opponent as you can.

-It probably would not have made a difference in the end but the Providence – Georgetown game was not refereed the same way on both ends of the floor, with touch fouls being called on the Friars and more physical play allowed by the Hoyas.

-Welcome to life on the road in the Big East.

-In our cross-site Q&A with Georgetown blogger Casual Hoya, when asked for his assessment of Georgetown head coach John Thompson III, who has endured some criticism over the years particularly for short-lived post seasons, he endorsed JT III, commenting that he would not trade him for Ed Cooley.

-Fair enough but I would not trade Ed Cooley for JT III right now either.

-Casual Hoya’s comment, while a bit of a shot, essentially was meant as fun tongue-in-cheek barb in the spirit of the post.

-But I get it and agree with his overall point.  The JT III criticism has been largely unfair.

-With coaches it is often about timing and fit.  Both Ed Cooley and John Thompson III are in the right jobs and are set up for long term success.

-LaDontae Henton is shooting 16.7% (3 for 18) from three-point land since the Brown game where he went 6-10.

-And 33% (13-39) shooting twos during the same time period.

-Josh Fortune has struggled too as the season has worn on.  Since the Colgate game, he is shooting just 23.9% (11-46) overall and 23.3% (7-30) from three-point range as compared to 38.9% (37-95) overall and 29.7 (14-47) from three prior to.

-You’d have to think this is due in large part to the heavy minutes endured by the freshman for the short-handed Friars.

-And perhaps why we are fixing to see a lot more of Kris Dunn and a bit less of Fortune moving forward.

-The next five games for the Friars: Villanova, Pittsburgh, at Marquette, Connecticut and at Villanova should show us exactly where the Friars are at.

-On paper all are potentially winnable and easily losable.  This is the group Providence will have to make some hay with if they want to gain any traction in the conference this season.

-Pittsburgh has held two of its last three Big East opponents, and pretty good ones at that (Georgetown and Notre Dame), under 50 points.  Overall, eight of the Panthers’ eighteen opponents have failed to get out of the 40s.

-THIS JUST IN!  Lance Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs.

-But nothing is actually true until Oprah says so, right?


Oprah flasing a gang sign? (Photo Getty Images - Yahoo.com)

Oprah flasing a gang sign? (Photo Getty Images – Yahoo.com)


-So, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, is going to be a Super Bowl correspondent for “Inside Edition”?  How much of a finder’s fee does Brent Musburger get for that?

-As for Manti Te’o?  Let’s just say he’s not having a great month.

-Former Friar target Chris Obekpa recently set St. John’s school record for blocks in a season…in 16 games.

-San Diego State is ditching its Big East commitment and staying in the Mountain West.  This is the third “Big East” school to leave without playing a game as a member of the conference. Boise State and Texas Christian being the others.

-Now we hear that Connecticut and Cincinnati are interested in joining the new ‘Catholic League’ for basketball only while looking to find another home for their football teams.  Just more evidence that basketball holds the power in the Big East and that the league is going to be just fine.

-Oh, and they probably saw that $500 million offer from Fox.

Have a great weekend Friartown.  Be safe.

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  1. james says:

    great read however labeling ted bancroft as capable seems a little exaggerated.

    1. FriarFrenzy says:

      James. Thanks. I responded above but in short I think Ted Bancroft is an asset in the press. Go Friars!

  2. badmarvin says:

    love the ‘can’t steal first base metaphor’ and the analysis…
    my only question [to kool-hand, not you] is ,
    SO? Who F’in Cares? Keep chuckin that shit up and get ‘em next year… i don’t give a fuc& about GTown i.e. gametime GTown [i love the program and i love JT 1 and 2.. god bless 1's Friar soul]
    But I don’t give a rat’s fuc& that we bricked that game…shit happens.. so play a style and keep playin it and stop nursing on opponent video like breastmilk and go fuck&in lay some shit on the oppo until the talent catches up and stop fuc&in cryin in the meantime…jesus kool-hand didn’t you ball at cental? bring the nasty and save the rest bro.
    just sayin

    1. FriarFrenzy says:

      Marvin. There is nothing else I can say other than thanks so much, I could not agree more & Friartown loves you.

  3. FriarFrenzy says:

    Thanks guys. I want to respond to both. James: Ted Bancroft is 6’5″ and is an active defender as a guard. He is more than capable in the press. When they have pressed Ed Cooley has been playing offense-defense w Ted and Kris Dunn on the D side. They are long & active and very good in the press.