T.G.I.F: Thank God It’s Friartown 01.25.13

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-OK, so the Friars have split their last two at home in games that featured uneven, but gritty, play. Pressing and aggressive on the ball defense won the day against Villanova in a game where the shots (and free throws!) were not falling but Pittsburgh proved a bit too tough, polished and deep for the Friars on Tuesday.

-The positive steps continue in terms of effort and intensity but the Friars have to bring it out of the gate and avoid the early deficits they faced in both games.   It is simply too difficult to play catch-up all the time.

-Said it here early in the season that if the Friars hope to exceed expectations this year they will need to be decent from the line but they are trending in the wrong direction where this is concerned.

-Overall Providence is shooting 67.5% from the line and has 92 more attempts (422-330) than their opponent.  However in conference play they are shooting just 62.1% and while they have attempted 22 more (174-152) free throws than their opponents, they have made three LESS (108-111).

-The Villanova game showed once again that this team should be looking to ratchet up the tempo and using that aggressive press.

-Against Pittsburgh the Friars could not get the pressure rolling due to a slew of early turnovers.

-And overall depth was an issue especially with Kris Dunn, perhaps the key defender in the press, being less than 100% due to illness.

-Dunn was awesome in pressuring Villanova though.

-Except when he applied the pressure of a two-handed shove there at the end.

-Any time Pittsburgh needed a hoop in a critical situation they got one.

-Kadeem Batts worked very hard in the Pittsburgh game against a slew of big bodies and the results were good.

-Bryce Cotton continues to impress and amaze.  Among the improvements to his game this season is consistency.  Last season Cotton was a bit of a barometer for the team.  His output was up and down but when he was able to get involved and score it usually meant the Friars either won or were right there.

-This season Ice has failed to reach 20 points only three times, and just once in conference play (16 points at Louisville).  The other two were versus Mississippi State (9 points, game he injured his knee) and URI (11 points, playing at less than 100% due to knee).

-Ironically Providence won two of those three but the real story is that Cotton has played a huge role in keeping the Friars in basically every game and his ability to score consistently this year is remarkable given the secret is out and he is a focal point of every opponent’s defensive plan.

-Can we get a popcorn machine on the scorer’s table at The Dunk so the refs can have a snack while they review replays?

-For all of you people I see jogging in 14 degree weather, I am not sure whether to call you committed or have you committed.

I don't think the heavy stuff is coming for awhile.  (Photo: fitnessbyd.com)

I don’t think the heavy stuff is coming for awhile. (Photo: fitnessbyd.com)

-It is clear that Kris Dunn’s mindset is pass first, which is great and will benefit him and the team in the long term, but it also appears that opponents have quickly picked up on this trait and are dropping off him when he gets in the lane.  This has led to a few indecisive moments, forced passes and turnovers.

-Something that will easily be corrected with experience and coaching as the game continues to slow down for Dunn.

-The Friars are hustling, scrapping and diving on the floor but that ball still seems to be bouncing the wrong way.

-So what you do is continue to hustle, scrap and dive.

-Former Friar (term used very loosely in this case) James Still was sentenced for his role in the senseless, vicious and random 2010 beating of a fellow student. Still will serve four years in prison, joining Johnnie Lacy, the other perpetrator in the crime, who is in the midst of a three-year bid.

-A new name to surface on the Friar recruiting front is D.J. Williams. Williams is a class of 2015 6’5” shooting guard out of powerhouse Simeon Career Academy in Chicago and is rated 23rd in his class nationally by ESPN.com.

-Old friend Joseph Young is averaging 16.9 points per game (39.6% 3pt FG) for Houston who is 12-6 overall but just 1-4 in Conference USA.

-We have to get Houston up to The Dunk next season in the super-sized Big East’s lame duck year, right?

-Former Major League slugger Frank Thomas has come out with “Big Hurt Beer”.

-Don’t all run to the package store at once now.

-Barley, hops and….pine tar?

-Before I end this post the refs have to go to the monitor to make sure I got it right.

Have a great weekend Friartown.  Be safe.

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  1. Jay Flax says:

    I think someone needs to bring up the fact that while he played better in the Pitt game, Council was not good (even though he scored) against Nova. Every time he came in the offense went to crap and just slowed to a halt. When Cooley took him out there was much more flow. In addition it completely boggles my mind that when the Friars are playing Council, Ice and Dunn at the same time there aren’t more picks set for Ice. Council and Dunn are both pass first guys. Whoever doesn’t have the ball needs to be setting screens to help get Ice open. Too much standing around leading to forced and bad shots.