Pregame Buffet: UConn

Daniel "The Warrior Friar" James —  January 31st, 2013 12:56 PM —  Comments
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Welcome to another Friarblog Pregame Buffet, a new feature I hope to make regular on this site. This buffet comes with all-you-can-eat videos, audio, images, lists, and everything else you need to have a good time.

Like most buffets this is short on words, but long on content. Read/listen/watch on to get everything you need to fill up on before the UConn game at the Dunk tonight at 7:00!

Four Things You Should Know:

  1. UConn is our rival. They hate us, we hate them. They like to pretend they’re not our rival, and they like to pretend we don’t bother them, but that’s some big brother syndrome right there because we crawl under their skin like it’s nobody’s business. And it’s awesome.
  2. Since Ed Cooley has arrived we have beaten out UConn for recruits such as Brandon Austin and Kris Dunn. We also were able to hire Andre LaFleur from UConn.
  3. Speaking of beating UConn at stuff, it’s been quite some time since they’ve beaten us at home. We’ve won the last three games we’ve played the Huskies at the Dunk. The last time they beat us on the road? 2006.
  4. They’re not allowed to play in the NCAA tournament or the last (real) Big East tournament this year.

CWO Smackdown! Statistical Examples on how Providence is Superior:

  • Graduation Rate: Providence 80%, UConn 31%
  • Scorers: Bryce Cotton 21.7 ppg, Shabazz Napier 16.7 ppg
  • Board Bangers: LaDontae Henton 8 rpg, DeAndre Daniels 4.5 rpg

Statsmack is the provider of this and much more information on how PC is better. Read all the reasons why by clicking here.

Epic Jim Calhoun Rant: 

“I fucked up!”

UConn coaches and players on Providence:

“They’ll say anything, it’s a crowd there.” – Head Coach Kevin Ollie

You had me at hello.

“You’ve got to look at it as a rivalry. They’re a New England team; you always want to beat them. Just like when we played Quinnipiac. If we lost, all bragging rights would have gone to them.” – Shabazz Napier

You’ve got to look at it as a rivalry, like you’ve got to look at a car as an automobile. That’s what it is.

“We’re going to take a drive out there and be on a business trip.” – Omar Calhoun

Why can’t I get the image of Omar Calhoun showing up to a business conference in a UConn hoodie and sweatpants out of my head? “Sir, what are you doing in this conference about printing supplies?” “It’s cool, I’m on a business trip.”

All quotes came from this article in the Courant.

Pictures Taken Out of Context:

Jeremy Lamb and Andre Drummond both decided to start tickling Providence guard Gerard Coleman in the final seconds of Providence’s 72-70 victory last year. Coleman was quoted saying “it was weird, but I guess that’s a thing they do whenever they lose.” (Picture from this article)


FriarPod Podcast:

We talk about UConn! It’s pretty awesome.

College Basketball Podcast with Kevin Duffy (UConn Beat Writer)

Some real good info on the UConn program this year. Found on Aaron Torres Sports website.

Unofficial Merch: Megan Ferguson

I was clicking around Twitter when I came across a pretty awesome Providence College mural that looked like original work. When I inquired about it I found it the mural was made by Megan Ferguson, a sport enthusiast and Friar Fanatic. Obviously 1. wanting a kick ass mural for my room, and 2. loving the fact that she was a Friar fan, I got a mural custom made. They’re pretty awesome, and if you’re interested in her work (she does stuff other than Friar paintings but…you know…this is Friarblog…) hit her up via email or Twitter and she’ll help you out. Check out her work:

Mural 1

Mural 2

Mural 3

This is the one I got.

This is the one I got.

Coming Soon:

Ever wanted to get to know some crazy Friar diehards? So did I, so I got in touch with the newest phenomenon sweeping Friartown, the Cooley World Order, and got an exclusive interview with Hentonwood Hogan and the rest of the CWO. The interview will be coming this week, so keep an eye out for that and some unofficial merch from the CWO themselves!

I fear no man, no beast or basketball team, brother.

I fear no man, no beast or basketball team, brother.

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