T.G.I.F: Thank God It’s Friartown 02.08.13 – Bread and Milk Edition

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-The Friars are 4-4 in their last eight games and showing signs of life in the Big East.  Record aside, the most encouraging development is the overall improvement on defense.  They are bothering teams with their ball pressure, playing much smarter as a team on that end of the floor and building the foundation for a very good up tempo, pressure defensive approach.

-When is the last time Providence won two straight Big East games without scoring 60 points?

-It was good to see the Friars getting an early lead and playing from out in front for a change against Cincinnati.

-A week off at this point in the season should benefit the Friars’ minute-heavy rotation but you just hope the time off does not set them back from an execution standpoint.

-And it is no time for a letdown as Providence will surely find themselves dealing with a hungry South Florida team in a place where the Friars have not enjoyed tremendous success.

-It’s not that they have been all that sharp offensively lately anyway, shooting just 41% (39-95) over the last two games.

-I mean, the crew over at The Dunk might want to check the rims for chips after Wednesday night’s ‘shooting’ display.

-That said, the Friars executed well on offense in general and got good shots.  They simply did not fall, which happens sometimes.

-And also is what made it even more satisfying to get the win based on their defensive efforts.

-Speaking of offensive execution, Lee Goldsborough deservedly received accolades for his defensive performance but another thing he did well was provide a few excellent entry passes to the post.

-Perhaps lost in the action were Vincent Council’s eight assists versus one turnover.

-VC needs just 11 assists to pass Friar legend Ernie DiGregorio’s all time lead of 662.

-And congratulations to Bryce Cotton on joining the 1000 point club.

-ICE 1000

-I think you can close the case.  Nemo has been found.

-Since when are we naming snow storms anyway?

-Or is this just snow’s effort to expand it brand?

-The two straight wins could not have come at a better time for Ed Cooley.  He would make no excuses and want zero sympathy, but you have to feel for the guy.  Seemingly anything that could have gone wrong from a personnel standpoint this season has gone wrong, with Sidiki Johnson’s leave of absence representing the latest chapter in the saga.

-It is hard enough to coach and win in the Big East, never mind having to do it without knowing who will be in your lineup from game-to-game.

-You can also throw in the story about Ricky Ledo still deciding whether or not to turn pro, although I think this was more validation of what we, and certainly Ed Cooley, already knew to be the case as opposed to a revelation.

-Of course we all want to see Ledo suit up for the Friars next year, but in the end I just hope he listens to the right people and makes the best decision for his future.

-You’d have to think some of it would depend on who else leaves early.

-Take a guy like St. John’s JaKarr Sampson.  If he declares for the draft, Sampson may be more attractive to an NBA team than Ledo due to being more of a known commodity given his year, and progress, with the Red Storm.

-R.I.P Monopoly iron.

-I am more of a car or thimble guy anyway.

The thimble is underrated, and you know I own Boardwalk. (Photo: staticflickr.com)

The thimble is underrated, and you know I own Boardwalk. (Photo: staticflickr.com)

-Phill Simms generally does a good job in my opinion, but he had a very rough night calling Super Bowl XLVII.

-I’m down with the cWo.

-The pink feather boas were a nice touch on Wednesday as well in support of the ‘Pink Out’.

-They are going to build a $30 million amusement park in Abbottabad, Pakistan, the town in which Osama Bin Laden saw his last day.

-Sounds like money well spent to me. 

-Hey, at least it’s not snowing there.

-Happy shoveling!

-Remember, use your legs, not your back.

Have a great weekend Friartown.  Be safe.

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